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Project 1:  Connecticut Show Garage

2019 CEDIA - Best Use of Lutron Lighting and Shading Controls in a Specialty Room

About This Project

In 1947, Ferrari made history with its first Formula 1 victory, roughly seven years after they made their very first car. It was a humble beginning for a small Italian car manufacturer that would eventually grow into a racing behemoth with iconic cars and more F1 victories than any competitor in its’ class. The successive moments that have immortalized this company have been self-described by Ferrari as a journey “made of passion, craftsmanship and innovation”.

Just over 70 years since their first victory, C&T Electric has recently completed a Ferrari-centric Connecticut Show Garage that can house nearly a dozen of these legendary vehicles. With “passion, craftsmanship, and innovation” in mind, there is only one lighting control system that shares those same values and can achieve an analogous level of performance.

As you walk through the halls of this Connecticut residence, you notice three large frosted windows, with an inconspicuous neutral switch that almost blends into the wall. Pressing this unassuming button does more than your typical light switch. As the tint on the Magic Glass changes from frosted to clear, it reveals a small modern car museum. Vintage neon race signs aglow, adorning the logos of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Accent lighting around the perimeter illuminates custom racing artwork that wraps the walls while high performance LED track lights that are hidden within Ferrari red clouds fade on, illuminating a jaw dropping collection of racing cars. Ferraris, Maserati’s, Porsches and a Pagani decorate the space and before your drool has a chance to hit the floor, a Ferrari F1 racing car on the far wall appears and is backlit with color changing LED ribbon lighting.


Control extends to seeTouch QS keypads throughout the 12,000 square foot residence and while the Show Garage can operate like it’s own entity, it’s part of larger scenes like “Entertain” that reveals the garage in all its glory while dimming interior lights, activating exterior landscape scenes and opening shades throughout the residence, making something that’s wholly impressive on it’s own, part of a larger facet of lifestyle control and customization. We took this one step further by incorporating a Savant integration system that not only controls the lighting, but also controls a pair of televisions mounted within the artwork of the garage and whole house music that when paired with the specified lighting design, helps bring the passion of Ferrari to life within these walls.

Five PNL-8’s are distributed throughout the home utilizing adaptive modules for precision LED dimming and a combination of softswitch relays and RF devices are used for additional control in the Show Garage as well as the other three garages that house some more of the every day luxury rides the homeowners enjoy.

With passion, craftsmanship and innovation in mind, the choice was clear. There was only option that could make this dream a reality and that option was Lutron.


Project 2:  Residential Lighting Control Upgrade

2018 Lutron Excellence Award – Best System Upgrade Category

About This Project

In today’s technology world, upgrading a system is common place, but replacing a lighting control system created in the 1950s was a new challenge, but made easy with Lutron QS technology. The beauty of a Lutron QS system in this scenario is its brilliant design and flexibility that allows it to be so adaptable in such a retro fit solution. The new system not only allowed the homeowner to continue the ability to enjoy the control and aesthetics of a lighting control system, but also allow for advanced programming capabilities and introduce the integration of their Sonos music, QS shades, pool house controls, and landscape lighting.


  • Lighting Control Upgrade
  • Motorized Shades
  • Music Integration
  • Pool House Control Integration


Project 3:  Music Mixing Room

2017 Lutron Excellence Award – Best Specialty Project Category

About This Project

The focus of the Music Mixing Room project was to create an ambience using Lutron lighting control that empowered creativity and matched the elegance of the room, all the while giving the artist complete control of their environment. Utilizing a keypad, tabletop or a tablet with the Lutron Home+ app, the Mixing Room was programmed with a series of curated lighting scenes and color changing sequences. Color changing of LED lighting was controlled by a Lutron QSE-CI-DMX which allows for a nearly endless supply of colors and different light levels to help set moods to match the mellowness or intensity of the artist at work.


  • Lighting Control
  • LED Dimming Control
  • Lighting Aesthetics


Project 4:  Jackson Hole

2013 Excellence Award - Best Implementation of Lighting

About This Project

This home in the famed Amangani resort is a perfect combination of ease of use and aesthetics. It has a whole house music system and features a dedicated home theater in the basement, and a causal surround sound system in the living room. All of the lighting is controlled with the Lutron Homeworks QS system and nearly 50 keypads throughout the house. There are also nearly 30 shades, including a shading solution for the curved glass in the Great Room. This project has won LutronR17;s R20;Best use of Lighting DesignR21; Award, as well as having been featured in Electronic House Magazine, CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles magazine, and more.


  • Smart Home Control
  • Lighting Control Design
  • Motorized Shade Control
  • Climate Control
  • Whole House Music
  • Surveillance CCTVs


Project 5:  Luxury Retail Shop

2012 Lutron Excellence Award Winner – Essence of Pleasance Category

About This Project

This 20,000 square foot luxury retail store features several shops, an interior design center and a home theater all controlled by a Lutron Homeworks Illumination lighting control system. This lighting control system not only allows for just the right lighting for all of the various activities going on in the building, but also has automated lighting scenes that are activated by the opening and closing of the building by its employees each day. In addition to this, the building’s fire alarm and security systems are also tied into the Lutron system. The executive office suites feature Lutron motorized shades and the building’s ceiling fans are also integrated to the Lutron system.


  • Lighting Control
  • Motorized Shades
  • Home Automation
  • Security


Project 1    |    Project 2    |    Project 3    |    Project 4    |    Project 5