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Indoor Living

Capture the Feeling of Smarter Living

Discover how smart technology effortlessly blends into the fabric of your home.


Reimagine How You Enjoy Comfort & Convenience

From the bedroom to the wine cellar, smart technology provides the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to every space in your home. Revel in the possibilities below.

Home Automation

Effortless control of all of your home’s technology.

Audio / Video

Enjoy unprecedented access to high-quality home entertainment.


Modern security through precise footage and analytics.

Wi-Fi / Networking

Reliable high-speed internet connectivity for entertainment and control.

Home Theater

A luxury theater designed for exceptional quality and comfort.

Hidden Technology

Preserve your design with discreet technology solutions.


Effortlessly craft the perfect ambiance for every indulgence, from your morning cup of coffee to your weekly dinner date with family and friends in Connecticut or Rhode Island. Explore our solutions for your Newport, Westerly, or Hartford home.

Common Solutions

Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Shades · Multi-room Music · Wi-Fi · Voice Control

Modern kitchen in wood and white

Lighting Control

Activity-based light scenes such as cooking, entertain and clean-up are easily activated from your table top or wall-mounted touch panel.

Multi-room Music

Stream your music into the kitchen and dining room while family members listen to their music in the living room, garage and outdoors.


The kitchen is the central hub of activity and should always have a stable internet connection, allowing for children to do their homework or streaming your favorite recipe from YouTube.


Experience restful slumber and energized mornings with tailored scenes that complement every sunrise and sunset.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Multi-room Music · Voice Control · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Lifts
Lutron Bedroom in neutral colors with halfway open shades

Motorized Window Treatments

Wake up naturally with gradually rising shades in the morning to let in sunlight. In one touch, effortlessly lower shades for privacy and better sleep.

Lighting Control

Schedule your bedroom lights to an astronomical timer to take advantage of natural lighting during the day and gradually brighten as the sun goes down.

Multi-room Music

Awake to your favorite energizing playlist, then automatically unwind to a peaceful audio collection before bed.

Home Office

Never miss a meeting with robust video conferencing solutions and strong network connectivity for reliable security and speed.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Human-Centric Lighting · Wi-Fi · Video Conferencing · Acoustic Treatments
Home Office in white and green with closed shades

Lighting Control

Set the perfect environment for increased and sustained productivity with one-touch customizable scenes.

Motorized Window Treatments

Command your solar shades from the comfort of your desk to block damaging UV rays and solar heat gain while still letting in sunlight to boost productivity.


Create a flexible work environment with a strong, high-speed wireless network fit to support heavy-bandwidth applications.

Family Room

Transform your moments of family fun and relaxation with solutions for enhanced comfort and revelry.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Media Control · Hidden Audio Video · Universal Remotes
Man holding a remote and his kid watching TV

Universal Remotes

Command limitless entertainment with just a click of a remote, from turning on your TV to setting the perfect scene for movie night or game day.

Media Control

Turn on your TV, stream your family’s favorite music, and select a film to enjoy—all from one intuitive interface for clutter-free control.

Smart Home Control

Easily control everything from your favorite movie and music content to lighting and room climate with your mobile device or system remote.

Play Room

Cultivate an immersive gaming environment for all skill levels and keep an eye on your kids from anywhere while they play.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Media Control · Wi-Fi · Video Displays · Universal Remotes

Lighting Control

Activate lighting scenes for immersive video gaming or an afternoon of ping pong. Vacancy sensors turn off all lights when your kids finish playing.

Motorized Window Treatments

Command the room’s window treatments from your mobile device or system remote for energizing sunlight, temperature control and privacy.


Prevent video lag and slow connection with extended wireless broadcast points for strong, secure signal no matter how many devices are supported by your network.

Dining Room

Unveil the perfect environment for hosting dinner parties or family dinners with intuitive control of lights, music, climate and more. Upgrade your dining room in Newport, Westerly, or Hartford.

Common Solutions

Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Shades · Multi-Room Audio · Hidden Audio Video · Wi-Fi · Voice Control · Smart Home Security

Lutron halfway open shades with control on the wall in a white dining room

Lighting Control

Brighten every occasion with lighting control that helps you add beauty to the room while enhancing your family’s comfort.

Motorized Window Treatments

Lower the shades to avoid the evening glare without having to leave the table through your smart home app or a simple voice command.

Multi-Room Audio

Easily pull up a romantic playlist during date night or a jazz album when hosting friends and easily adjust the volume as the night goes on.

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