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4 Reasons a Strong Network is a Smart Home Necessity

Enhance the Performance of all Your Devices with Fast, Reliable Signals 

As smart home devices become more popular, there’s a growing need for enterprise-grade networks that help them communicate efficiently. Relying on your internet service provider’s standard installation won’t be enough to deal with all of your connected devices. Before you can get more from that new thermostat, camera or speaker, you first need to focus on a home network upgrade. 

Our home network setups, available from Groton, CT, to Westerly, RI, help you truly embrace the connected home. Expanding your network capabilities will help your devices collaborate better to serve your needs. Likewise, you ensure your signal reaches every corner of your residence to avoid any dead spots that could ruin your smart home experience. 

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Easily Handle Added Traffic from Your Devices  

Bandwidth is the first issues to overcome as new devices come on board, particularly entertainment ones dealing with large audio and video files. Latency is another problem your system likely didn't have to deal with when you used it primarily to check emails or chat with friends. Audio and video streaming are extremely latency-sensitive—it’s why sound and images in your movie sometimes don't match up.

You need to use best-in-class equipment specifically designed to address these problems. Start with the brain of your network—your router. Choose a router with high-performance processors intended to deal with high bandwidths and low latency. There are even routers specifically designed to deal with streaming 4K content. 

Create a Framework for Devices to Interact 

You also need the right software in place to manage your signals. As part of your network design, we'll create dedicated VLANs. Through these subnetworks, you can give preference to latency-sensitive traffic, choose which should work together, and protect your home from threats. 

What stands out about 'smart' network solutions is that this process is automated. We create rules that adjust your signal automatically instead of you having to change settings manually when using certain devices. If you sign up for monitoring services, enterprise-grade software will also make it easier to monitor all devices for issues and fix them remotely. 

 Expand Your Network throughout Your Home 

Bringing networking capabilities to every area of your residence is vital when you have a connected home. Using switches, we extend the reach of your hardwired signal to a wide range of devices throughout your house. To broaden your Wi-Fi signals, we incorporate wireless access points 

These access points connect directly to your network switch or router. They then relay Wi-Fi signals to all your rooms as well as your patio, backyard or pool, so you're always connected. We use special mapping software to ensure no wireless devices interfere with each other.  

Secure All Your Family’s Valuable Information 

Security is top of mind with all our clients as soon as they start incorporating connected devices. All hardware used in our home network setups includes the latest security encryption methods to protect your family from any hackers. These also come with embedded firewalls that proactively keep any external actors from accessing your network.  

As we mentioned earlier, VLANs are also vital to overall network security. If one subnetwork is hacked, there are systems in place to keep the others from being affected. This is particularly useful when creating isolated guest profiles, so visitors don’t put your entire network at risk. 

Having a robust and reliable network setup will transform your smart home experience. Enjoy unprecedented performance quality with our professional installation services. Set up a consultation with our team by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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