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3 Reasons You Need a Network Installation


C&T Systems Illustrates the Importance of a Strong Network

There are more mobile devices in the home today than ever before. With the Internet of Things on the rise, it will be even more important that you have a strong and secure network. Experts are predicting that in the future, every appliance in your smart home will have network capabilities. You’ll not only be able to control the main things, like lighting and security from remote locations, but also the little ones, like your coffee maker and washing machine. C&T System can help you build a proper system and also support your current home technology by doing a professional network installation in your Hartford, Connecticut property. Here are three of our strongest reasons to make the case.

Get a Faster Internet Connection with a Professional Network Installation


How do I find a reliable Wi-Fi Network for my Danbury Home?

One of the most frustrating problems our clients in Connecticut run into is slow Internet. When your network is slow, you can't get work done, enjoy music and movies with your streaming services, or even control your smart home properly. The reason everything breaks down when the Internet drops is because the network is the backbone of your smart home. If you invest in smart home automation, it's imperative that you have a professional network installation. Here are the details as to why this solution is so important.

The Secret to a Perfect Smart Home in Newport, Rhode Island

What do you need for a well-run smart home automation system?


You may wonder, 'what makes a smart home run perfectly?’ While there are many factors to installing a fully integrated smart home, there is one key factor that is often overlooked – the network. It may seem obvious, but many times the problem lies with the Internet connection, not with the device, design, or the AV installation company.

The true secret to an effective smart home is the network installation. In order to live an electronic lifestyle, you need strong internet connections established in your Newport, Rhode Island home. Without it, every other piece fails. Your wireless Internet connection is the backbone of the smart home. Continue reading this article to discover why a home network is so important and what services we offer to guarantee a perfect smart home operation.