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Discover Luxury Home Automation with ELAN's Smart Remote


The Only Remote You Need in Your Rhode Island Home

One of the biggest advantages of installing smart home automation in your Westerly-area home is that you can decrease clutter—including apps, cords, wires, AV equipment, and remotes. Littering your coffee table with remotes from the Blu-ray player to the cable box to the television itself is not only an eyesore in your home, but it can be confusing for your family and friends when they want to enjoy a show in your media room or home theater. Perhaps you also have a few more remotes lying around the house to control your shades, lights, and other smart devices. It can be hard keeping tabs on all of them, especially if you tend to lose items easily. So what is the solution? Upgrading to downsize. A remote from ELAN will help you get organized and also simplify your home theater controls. Read this article to learn more.

Build Beautiful Rhode Island Homes by Partnering with a Smart Home Installation Professional


Why Builders, Architects and Interior Designers Need an Integrator by Their Side


When you are building a brand new home, whether it’s in Newport, Rhode Island or anywhere in New England, you have an opportunity to install smart home capabilities that future homeowners will value. The future is here; people want the most advanced technology in their homes from 4K TVs to multi-room audio and surveillance cameras. But when you start new construction, do you consider hiring an integrator and audio/video installer to ensure the right wiring is there? Here are some reasons why working with a smart home installer is a smart idea. 

What it’s Really Like to Live in a Smart Home in Connecticut


Experience What it Means to Live an Electronic Lifestyle

When you hear the word “smart home” what comes to mind? With the rising popularity of the Internet of Things, including smart refrigerators, washing machines and even frying pans, you may think smart home automation is all about having cool, connected gadgets. But the reality is that living in a smart home in New Canaan, Connecticut is so much more that turning on the dryer with your phone. In this blog, we are going to show you what a day in the life of a smart home looks like.

5 Different Ways to Control Your Smart Home


Manage Your Danbury Home Your Way with Customized Controls

 A smart home installation is all about control, but it’s also about versatility. Not only do your options expand, but you also get to decide how you connect to all of your electronic devices. We are seeing technology change and develop at a rapid pace, but the goal is still the same – to satisfy the user. Because ultimately, if you can’t figure out how to control something, it’s useless. C&T Systems designs and installs your smart home to be easy to use and seamless so that everything works together quickly and smoothly. In this blog, we are going to highlight the newest and most popular ways to control your smart home. So whether you live in Danbury, CT or Hartford, we can customize your home to your exact preferences.