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What it’s Really Like to Live in a Smart Home in Connecticut


Experience What it Means to Live an Electronic Lifestyle

When you hear the word “smart home” what comes to mind? With the rising popularity of the Internet of Things, including smart refrigerators, washing machines and even frying pans, you may think smart home automation is all about having cool, connected gadgets. But the reality is that living in a smart home in New Canaan, Connecticut is so much more that turning on the dryer with your phone. In this blog, we are going to show you what a day in the life of a smart home looks like.


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Good Morning

The clock hits 6:30 a.m. and it’s time to get out of bed and tackle your day. The radio comes on through the in-wall speakers overhead your bed, in the hallways, kitchen, and bathroom. The volume slowly rises louder to help you wake up and give you the morning traffic report. At the same time, all of the motorized shades lift to let the sunlight in so you can walk down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Your flat screen TV turns on the morning news. The lights go up to 50 percent to create a cozy glow and brighten the areas without windows. Once you get to the coffee pot, you access the touch screen mounted on the wall next to the refrigerator and turn on the intercom system to talk to your kids. You press a button and announce to the bedrooms upstairs “time to wake up for school!” After quickly getting dressed and ready for work, you check in on the kids again by looking at the video surveillance footage on your touch screen. You see that your kids are brushing their teeth, and you tell them through the intercom “15 minutes!” After breakfast, just before you walk out the door, you press “Away” on the touch panel by the front door.


After hitting the “away” button, all the lights, TVs, and speakers turn off. The solar shades come down, the security system arms, and the thermostat goes up five degrees since you want to save on cooling costs. You walk into the garage, get in the car and press the “open garage” button on your smartphone. You drive away knowing that your home is safe, secure, and saving energy throughout the day while you’re at work and the kids are at school. On your lunch break, you check on your house and open the Savant app to see how your dog is doing. You see him resting on the back porch and all is well. At five, you pick up the kids and head home.

Welcome Home

As soon as your car goes into the garage, your smart home realizes you are home and activates a “Welcome Home” sequence. The TV turns on your afternoon program, the front door unlocks, and the security system disarms. Since both mom and dad have saved scenes, your entry into the house is customized to your own preferences. Later when dad arrives, he is welcomed by his favorite music playlist. The whole family relaxes after a long day. Dad goes to the den to read, mom starts cooking along with the Food Network on the TV in the kitchen, and the kids watch cartoons in the media room.


You just finished watching House of Cards on Netflix in your media room and are ready for bed. You walk upstairs to the bedroom, get comfortable in the covers, and hit “Goodnight” on the remote control on your nightstand. All the lights in the house turn off – except for one on the front porch – and any electronics that were on like the TV turn off too. Your blackout shades come down to block out any light, and the security cameras turn on to monitor your home throughout the night. The next day, the whole sequence starts over again!

Now that you know what’s it’s like to live in a smart home, why not give us a call? We can install smart home automation that mirrors your daily lifestyle.

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