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How Do You Create Effective Surveillance in Your Home or Business?


C & T Systems Provides Peace of Mind to the Connecticut Area with CCTVs

A closed circuit television (CCTV) system operates with signals that are not publicly distributed but monitored only by the owner for surveillance and security. Whether you’re at home or the office, this security solution has many merits. In this blog, C & T Systems shows you the different ways CCTVs can be used and the various features included in the product.

Arm Your Avon, CT Home with a Surveillance System


C & T Systems Can Install CCTV Surveillance for Added Protection

 It’s that time of year…school is out and summer is on the brain. Families are starting to plan their summer vacations and take some needed time away from the business of life. Planning your getaway is essential, and you should also think about planning on how to protect your home while you’re gone. Even if you aren’t planning a holiday with the family, security and surveillance is still important these days. We have a number of options for your smart home in the Avon area, or anywhere in Connecticut.