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Property installed with a smart home security system in West Hartford, CT


The rise of smart technology has changed our lives beyond our imagination. Today, it controls our entire homes, making life more comfortable and convenient by enabling us to streamline daily tasks. This isn’t all that smart technology can do, though. It can also improve and strengthen your home security system in West Hartford, CT.

What Are the Three Pillars Behind Every Smart Home Security System?

The corner of a home featuring two hard-wired security cameras.

Add Peace of Mind to Your Day With These Integrated Security Solutions 

Security is of the utmost importance for homeowners in West Hartford, CT, and all across the state. After all, what could matter more than your home and your family? That is why a home security system should be at the top of your wishlist when considering an update or upgrade for your smart home. At C&T Systems, we can design and install it for you. 

In this article, we explore cameras, smart locks, and sensors, the three pillars behind your next smart home security system. 

2 Reasons to Use 2GIG Security as Your Home Security System


A 2GIG Home Security System Comes with Awesome Benefits

The “2GIG” in 2GIG Security actually stands for “2 guys in a garage.” That’s because that is actually how 2GIG Security started, with 2 engineers working in a garage. From humble beginnings, 2GIG Security has become a leader in the security industry and a trusted brand among homeowners.

Homeowners in West Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas are using 2GIG Security for their home security systems more and more because of the immense benefits that come with this state-of-the-art solution. With the holidays approaching, it is more important now than ever to invest in a home security system that protects their home and families.

C&T Systems works with you to design a 2GIG security solution that tailors their features to best match your priorities and needs.

Enhance Your Sense Of Comfort With A Home Security System


Discover The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Adding Protection For People and Property Without Running Wires.

Feeling safe and secure in your home is vital, not only does it provide you with a level of comfort, it protects your life and livelihood. A home security system allows you to find solace and give you peace of mind whether you are in the master bedroom or the Bahamas.

At C&T Systems we offer certified solutions that fit any application or situation. Whether you are constructing a new building or looking to retrofit an existing residence we incorporate the latest technology for you.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your home in West Hartford, CT and surrounding areas? Then continue reading below to find out more.