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Transform Your Outdoor Shades with Motorized Screens for Your Home


Upgrade your space with motorized shades and screens that keep the bugs and sun away!

In the coastal town of Newport and the surrounding areas of Rhode Island, outdoor living is a part of daily life. From enjoying sunny afternoons to hosting evening gatherings, residents relish every opportunity to make the most of their outdoor spaces. However, pesky bugs and harsh sunlight can sometimes dampen your experience. Thankfully, motorized outdoor shades and bug screens offer an innovative solution, seamlessly blending elegance and functionality to elevate outdoor living to new heights. 

At C&T Systems, we can help upgrade your outdoor space by installing motorized bug screens and outdoor shades that blend in with your home’s aesthetic and deliver results.

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3 Ways Motorized Shades Benefits Your Business


C & T Systems Installs Window Treatments for Companies in Avon, CT and Beyond

The environment you work in is extremely important. It can affect your mood throughout the day, your health, and especially your productivity. Aspects such as lighting, shading, and cooling or heating also make a difference and can either help or hinder a company’s success.

C & T Systems offers many solutions for the professional office including climate control, CCTV surveillance, conference room technology, networking, lighting, audio/video and more. But this time around, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of motorized shades in the office. You may be surprised by how much of a difference this automation makes day to day.

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