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Block the Sun, Not the View, with Smart Patio Shades


Automate the Shades on Your Sun Porch in Stonington, CT

It may still be a bit chilly in Connecticut, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t too early to start thinking about your spring and summer plans. For Connecticut homeowners who love spending time outdoors, motorized shades are a perfect addition to your patio so you can enjoy nature without the annoying bugs or harsh glare from the sun. Our trusted lighting and shading brand Lutron has partnered with Insolroll to automate the shades on your porch or patio. Keep reading to learn more about this new smart home feature.


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The Lutron and Insolroll Partnership

Insolroll Window Shading Systems are partnering with Lutron to bring the best-in-class motorized patio shades to the luxury home market. If you already have a Lutron lighting and shading system in place, C&T Systems can easily add shades to your patio so you can control them on those days you’d like to relax outside. These shades are specially designed for screened-in porches and patios to control the heat and glare from the sun as well as eliminate insects from entering your area. Insolroll Oasis Patio Shades are capable of integrating with Lutron Homeworks QS and Radio RA2 systems. In a recent press release, Rick Pease, co-owner of Insolroll said, “now homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the fullest, with all of the comfort, convenience and personalization control by Lutron offers.”

Oasis Patio Shades

Exterior roller shades are perfect for covering decks, porches, pergolas, and other outdoor patio structures. You’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy beautiful views without dying from the intense heat or biting bugs. You can easily control the Oasis shades with a Lutron Pico Remote, Lutron app on your mobile device, or using a keypad. The retractable insect screens use four sealed edges to prevent bugs from entering the covered patio area, and some of the styles have especially small apertures to stop very tiny insects from coming inside.

The Oasis 2600 Patio Sun Shades can block up to 97 percent of the heat without creating a closed-in feeling. The PVC-coated solar screen fabric blocks the sun’s glare while maintaining your outward view. These tough solar screen fabrics can even stop a wayward golf ball from hitting you if you live near a golf course.

These shades can be customized to your exact needs and preferences. We have a wide choice of colors, textures/weave patterns, range of openness, and sizes.

To integrate your patio shades into your Lutron smart system, fill out this online form. If you are new to smart home automation, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.

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