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Lutron Lighting Systems Connect with the Amazon Alexa


Control Your Lights with Voice Commands

By now you’ve likely seen the commercials and advertisements for either the Amazon Alexa or Google Home—devices that allow you to control your smart home with your voice. As one of the premier Lutron lighting installation companies in New England, C&T Systems is excited to share the news that we can connect your Alexa with your Lutron lighting system. So if you got this new gadget for Christmas, or you still have it on your wish list, keep reading to discover how Alexa connects to your lighting. You’ll be amazed at how this little gadget can enhance your Stonington, CT home.


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What is the Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is the “intelligent personal assistant” software that runs on the Echo, Tap, and the Dot--smart speakers that can perform tasks with voice commands. Previously seen as a standalone product for DIY-type home automation products, now Alexa can be integrated into a number of different sophisticated systems, like Lutron, Control4 and Savant.

Amazon’s smart home director, Charlie Kindel, said, “The original inspiration for the Echo was the Star Trek computer. We wanted to create a computer in the cloud that’s controlled entirely by your voice — you could ask it things, ask it to do things for you, find things for you, and it’s easy to converse with in a natural way. We’re a ways off from that, but that was, and is, our vision.”

Up until now, smart home companies have focused on developing apps that homeowners can use to manage their homes. Wireless devices like smartphones, tablets, and touch screens have been the primary vehicles for control. But now the hottest trend in home technology is voice control.

With Alexa, you can simply ask for the lights to turn off, and it will perform your request instantly. Alexa even gives you a confirmation response of “OK” to re-affirm she heard your command.

How Does It Work with Lutron Lighting Systems?

Alexa can be integrated into all of Lutron’s lighting systems, including Caseta Wireless, RadioRA2 and HomeWorks QS. With a Connect Bridge or Caseta Smart Bridge and any Alexa-enabled devices, you can activate scenes through voice commands. Tell Alexa to dim the lights to 60%, and she will!

You can also create specific scenes like “Good Morning” that include custom lighting settings. Then simply say the name of the scene to activate it. Say “Alexa, turn on Good Morning” and your lights will turn on, the shades will go up, and any other home technology you add to the scene will come on too. For those times when you need to be quiet, you can still use any of Lutron’s remote controls or in-wall keypads. Beyond controlling your indoor and outdoor lighting, Alexa can even order you a pizza, turn on your music, and give you the weather report.

The C&T Systems team can customize your home exactly as you like it. We stay up to date on everything that is happening in the smart home industry so you can benefit from new products like Alexa.

If you would like to add the Amazon Alexa to your smart home so you can start controlling the lighting with your voice, contact us today by filling out our online form.

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