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My Integrated Home Was My Electronic Crutch


By Joseph C. Colangelo, President of C&T Systems

     It was Thanksgiving night and we had eaten a turkey dinner with all the fixings, watched some football, and played two rounds of what has become our family’s annual setback tournament.  My sister-in-law was pulling brisket out of the oven and preparing us for a post dinner snack.  Our dog Sox was in the backyard doing his business and as I stepped onto the rear deck to check on him, I didn't quite maneuver correctly around the icy second step of the deck, slipped and popped my right patella tendon.  That’s right, I popped my patella tendon; like a day old balloon. After a ride in the ambulance, some time in the ER and a surgery to repair the tendon, I found myself in a full leg cast and in a blossoming relationship with the couch. Unfortunately this newfound romance was one-sided.

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How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Pure365


Live and Breathe Easier by Installing a Smart Air Purification System

How healthy is your home? You probably don’t know because, most of the time, the problems are invisible. This is especially true when it relates to air quality. You can’t see if your indoor air is impure. However, you’ll undoubtedly experience the effects: allergies, frequent colds, fatigue, and other health issues. Those unseen contaminants in the air, such as viruses, bacteria, and minuscule airborne particles, can make your home an unhealthy place to live.

When you have an air purification system in your home in Hartford, CT, or the surrounding areas, you’ll dramatically improve the air quality in your rooms. We recommend using a Pure365 air purifier. Read more to learn how this medical-grade purifier reduces indoor pollutants to give your home a clean bill of health.

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