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3 Critical Components of All Outdoor Entertainment Systems


Outdoor entertainment systems transform beautiful outdoor spaces into the perfect spot to entertain your friends, hang out with your family, or relax by yourself and take a little mental health break.

Whether you want to meditate outside with your cat in your lap, have some time throwing the pigskin around with your kids while listening to great tunes, or host a BBQ with your neighborhood pals while listening to your favorite party music, the right outdoor entertainment system makes it all possible.

Our customers in Newport, RI value their outdoor spaces and turn to us when they need help building the perfect system for their needs because they’re often unsure what components are most important (and which ones aren’t as critical).

We always tell them the same thing—you need the right audio system, the right lighting system, and a powerful Wi-Fi setup.


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1. No Outdoor Entertainment System Would Be Complete Without the Right Outdoor Audio Components

Let’s face it—if you want to do this right, you need to have the right speakers in place. Otherwise, every other component of your outdoor entertainment system is going to fall flat.

Even if you have a fancy outdoor TV and the right lighting system, most TVs just don’t have the audio capabilities to transform a space into an entertainment area.

On top of that, most outdoor spaces are going to primarily need audio to enhance them, whether that’s party or dance music or even meditation music.

If you don’t have audio components that shine, you don’t have an outdoor entertainment system.

2. The Right Lighting

Most of our customers are going to be enjoying their outdoor spaces at night. Rarely will they be able to spend the whole day outside, and even on those days, more time is probably going to be spent outside during the evening when it’s time to party or relax.

While lighting doesn’t mean much during the day, it can transform a space at night. The right lighting can set the mood and tone for a party or a BBQ. And if you’re just trying to relax and take it easy, the right lights can help enhance your relaxation or put you in the mood for meditation.

3. Powerful Wi-Fi

Of course, no entertainment system could exist in the modern age without Wi-Fi. Because so many systems today are getting their music not through CD players but through smart devices, you need the right Wi-Fi system to ensure it can handle everything you can throw at it.

While you might have a good system in place, the signal might not reach outside the way you need it to, or you might not have enough bandwidth when everyone else is online to ensure a smooth experience outside.

We can help you determine what you need to ensure your Wi-Fi system is as robust as your equipment requires.

Outdoor Entertainment Solutions—Learn More

Let’s talk about how we can help you build the outdoor entertainment system of your dreams.

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