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Start Preparing Now For Summer Fun With Outdoor Audio

A Coastal Source speaker nestled amongst green summer grass and foliage.

Discover how superior sound and stunning illumination transform your backyard. 

Spring and summer bring renewal and rebirth after the dark and cold of winter. While it is brisk and blustery now, we will soon shed our heavy layers and expand our living spaces to the backyard. 

Now is the perfect time to transform your property into the ultimate entertainment area with outdoor audio. Our professional and certified team creates systems that enhance and elevate your summer fun and relaxation. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home in New London, CT, or anywhere in the New England region? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Entertainment Under the Sun And Stars 

Your property provides more than green space; it is where you gather family and friends to enjoy the warm days and gentle breezes at night. Your property has multiple uses: from swimming in the pool, watching the game, bringing everyone together for a barbeque, to finding some much-needed solace after a long day. 

Adding superior sound, you can distribute the music where and where you want it. Whether it is pop hits for the kids, albums from your collection, or watching a movie, bring new life and energy to every moment. We rely on Coastal Source speakers and systems to create a sound that envelops your outdoor spaces with stunningly precise and detailed audio. Whether you are near the speakers or across the yard, music is delivered cleanly and without the need for excessive volume. 

Satisfaction Without Distraction 

A sound system does not need to be front and center when you are entertaining. Unlike a listening room experience, the focus outdoors should be on personal interactions and the songs' feelings.    

We offer mounting and installation options that hide the speakers or allow them to blend into the landscape. Discreetly mount the units in cornices, corners, or camouflage them to imitate natural objects or lawn whimseys. Regardless of your aesthetic choice, enjoy audiophile quality that pleases your ears and eyes in any weather or the salt of the sea in any season. 

Illumination for the Imagination

Summer offers the delight of longer days that invigorate the senses and raise the production of serotonin, keeping you happier and healthier, but the nights bring a new pleasure. By accenting the light from the moon and stars, you can create the right mood, shape the ambiance, and guide your way throughout the evening. With a simple app swipe, you control the look and intensity for the moment. 

Spectacular Spaces

At C&T Systems, we are passionate about creating living environments that elevate and enhance the way you live- indoors or out. All Coastal Source audio and lighting products we use are designed to brave extreme temperatures and sea mist on beach-side properties. 

Are you ready to make the most of your backyard entertaining? Start the conversation by calling us at  (860) 875-2876 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you! 

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