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3 Smart Tech Upgrades You Can Make to Your Home Today


Embrace Technology That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Homeowners are always looking for new technology to improve their way of life. The latest study from Parks Associates states that 31 percent of consumers will buy a connected device in 2019. As new technology becomes available, the question is no longer whether to invest in smart devices, but how to figure out which ones to use. 

Which are the best ones currently available? Even more importantly, which will have the most immediate impact? Reading this blog, you’ll see some of our suggestions, starting with a comprehensive home automation system. Enhance your lifestyle with these upgrades and reach out to find out which other smart tech updates might be useful for your unique needs.


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One-App Control

Noted within that same Park Associates study is the number one priority when people purchase smart devices: compatibility. Asked about the most significant purchasing factors, participants mentioned working with smart speakers (60%), working with other smart products in the home (55%), and working with many types of smart devices (50%).

Since it is essential for smart devices to work together, the first step is creating a home automation system that lets you manage everything from one app. All your devices live within the same user interface, so you don’t have to wade through twelve different apps throughout the day to control your home. 

Now that smart speakers have become a popular way to manage technology, your one-app solution is compatible with a voice assistant as well. During your installation, we can integrate this home automation system with the device of your choice whether you’re a fan of Alexa, Siri, or Google. That way, you’ll be able to manage all your technology through intuitive voice commands.

 A Focus on Health 

Adding a home automation foundation is the first step. Next, which technology should you include in it? Why not boost your health by incorporating  lighting? You can go beyond the typical dimming capabilities of smart lighting solutions and adjust the color temperature of your bulbs as well.

Start the day with cool, blue hues that naturally energize you and enjoy the natural progression of natural light throughout the day with circadian lighting. As the day progresses, bulbs turn a warmer, orange hue that will help you relax and fall asleep. Over time, this lighting will adjust your circadian rhythm resulting in better sleep, strengthened mental health, and reduced stress. 

However, lighting control does not just stop at dimming at color temperature. Lighting control is also the control of the amount of light in a room, i.e. natural light. Adding blackout or room darkening shades to your bedroom will help keep your room dark when you sleep and automated sequences can make it so your shades open gradually with the sun to wake you up more naturally. With so many studies coming out about the negative affects of blue lights and all the positive things we can do to counteract them, why not put your mental health first and consider lighting control?

Access Control

Door locks and video doorbells are another great addition and are quite popular among homeowners. The Parks Associates study listed "alerts when someone comes home" as the most popular security feature. Set unique access codes for all family members, contractors, or housekeepers and receive a notification when they use those codes both to lock and unlock the front door.

Employ video doorbells that let you know when someone is at the door and let you talk to them directly before allowing them in. Then lock and unlock doors as needed using your mobile app. Forgot to lock your doors when you left the house?  Alerts let you know when doors are left open or an alarm is not activated so you can make any necessary changes.

Are you ready to add these smart technology features to your home? Get in contact with us by calling (860) 875-2876 or filling out our contact form.

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