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Bring More Vitality and Balance to Your Home with Human-Centric Lighting


Circadian Based Lighting Systems Supplement Natural Light, Providing Better Health and Energy

Light is a vital element for life, fostering nature and humans alike. The natural cycle of the sun’s rise and setting dictates our own. We have evolved to take both cultural and biological cues from the sun.

Developing research has shown that circadian rhythms have a direct influence on our emotional and physical wellbeing. All too often, the standard lighting is designed with a utilitarian eye. These cold and muted fixtures ignore, or even mask, the vibrancy and vigor natural light bestows.

Ketra, purchased by Lutron in 2018, takes a different approach, stating: “Dynamic and always evolving, it’s as alive as the very life it illuminates. And yet, we often treat man-made light as a mere utility, remaining complacent with stagnant, chilly light —when it holds the potential to be so much more.

Intrigued how human-centric lighting control can enhance your home and health in Newport, RI and the surrounding areas? Read on for more information.


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Purposeful Illumination

While traditional lighting is used to illuminate a room sufficiently, it often comes up short. The established methods lack the depth and luster of natural light. The result is a home that can impose dulled moods and less energy to tackle the day.

Architects and designers have long understood the effect biophilic design, the concept of including natural elements into living spaces, has on our psyche. These borderless spaces open up to green areas, letting the air circulate and provide lighting that supplements rather than replaces sunlight.

Ketra is built from its core to accommodate and implement circadian processes, to bring you into concert with the natural ebb and flow of daylight. Sunlight is not static; it changes in color, warmth, and intensity throughout the day.  Optimized smart control, sensors, and geolocation automatically match the hues and brilliance of the outdoors for your region and time of day.

Radically Evolved Lighting

The advanced illumination the Ketra fixtures generate comes not just from programming and automation but through a revolution in design. The company has changed how LEDs work, reimagining coverage and creating an endless palette of color.

The paradigm shift stems from the bulbs themselves using a technique called TruBeam. The approach allows for unparalleled uniform light coverage that can be shaped and placed precisely where you want it. The superior optics give the power and aesthetical benefits of natural and eclectic light without distortions, color separation, or overly theatrical artifacts.

Complimentary Control

Your controls should be intuitive and sophisticated, integrating your lights and whole-home automation. Lutron’s HomeWorks line of interfaces combines elegant and balanced controls that complement your decor.

At the touch of a button or from a voice command, set the mood for dinner, bring down the lights in the media room or start a dance party in the backyard. Transforming your home’s environment should be as natural as the sunlight streaming in.

Our design team can walk you through options that best fit your lifestyle. Schedule a time to see all of our home automation offerings at our showroom.

To get in touch, you can either call (860) 875-2876 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!

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