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There’s Nothing Quite Like Living in a Smart Home


Simplify Your Life Through Smart Home Automation 

Smart home automation shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, one of the leading reasons families invest in smart homes is the convenience and comfort of a technology-driven lifestyle. The installation process, on the other hand, is often complex and better left to professionals. At C&T Systems, we design, install, and integrate technology systems for clients in Farmington, CT, and surrounding areas. What’s our mission? To take care of the complicated aspects of home automation so that you can focus on living a better, smarter, more comfortable life. 

Here are three ways hiring a professional installer and integrator will simplify your life through home automation. 


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Remote System Management

What’s the point of having a smart home if you can’t control it from anywhere in the world? It may be a notification when an urgent delivery arrives at the door, in which case you can communicate with the driver through a video doorbell’s built-in intercom. Or maybe you are on vacation and receive a security alert. One of the motion sensors in the front year was activated when a stranger passed by the house. To be safe, you activate the Smart Away feature of your Lutron Caseta lighting system to randomly turn lights on and off around the house. Nothing like the illusion of an occupied house to deter potential criminals from approaching. 

Whole-Home Audio & Lighting

What could be easier than talking to your home like you would to a friend? With a voice-controlled automation system, you can, and we are the team to install it for you! Picture arriving home after a long day and asking your home to set a relaxing scene. Now, imagine your home responding by playing your favorite tune through your Sonos sound system. Not to mention, by integrating lighting control, you could also get a soothing scene to optimize your rest time. How so? Lutron’s tunable lights, designed to mimic natural sunlight, can be programmed to optimize the natural rhythms in your body, such as your sleep cycle and activity levels. 

An added feature of Lutron’s Caseta dimmers is the unparalleled versatility that comes from a wireless installation. For example, installing new switches requires only a smart remote to pair with your Caseta dimmers and could therefore be placed anywhere in the house. 

Energy Management

Smart automation is all about efficiency, and we partner with industry-leading brands to offer you technology systems tailored to your home. The Caseta’s Sunset Tracker feature automatically turns lights on and off at specific times of day without you having to worry about seasonal changes or daylight savings. The Caseta system also includes a geofencing feature and can track you through the Lutron app to turn the lights on as you arrive home. An ecobee smart thermostat is another solution to optimize energy saving and one we often install for our clients across Connecticut. 

When you are ready for a smarter smart home, contact us to learn how automation and a professional installation can get you there. 


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