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The Signs Your Home Network Needs an Upgrade


Ensure Corner-to-Corner, Reliable, Fast Internet Coverage for Your Smart Home

Deloitte’s 2202 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey found that the average number of connected devices in a home in the U.S. is 22. That’s a lot of connectivity. Gone are the days of a few laptops and a desktop. Now, our homes are filled with video conferencing equipment, gaming consoles, and smart devices. Many of these devices are taking up significant bandwidth—the amount of data transmitted over your home’s internet at any given time.

Today, your home networking is more important than ever, keeping your home connected and operating at its peak. Let’s explore the signs that suggest your home in Stonington, CT, may need an upgrade and the steps to ensure a reliable internet connection.


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Signs of an Unreliable Home Network

Like many things in life, we get used to minor interruptions and barely notice them. We pause the movie we’re watching on Netflix when the buffering icon appears, giving it time to load. We sit quietly, watching the web pages take more time to download after our kids start playing Xbox in the media room. 

We ask everyone to stay off the internet during an important video conference meeting. We head to the patio to work outside on our laptop, only to lose reception. All these little annoyances are small enough to ignore for a while. Then, we ask our shades to lower, and they fail to move, our smart door locks refuse to open, and lags and glitches show up on our security camera feed. Now, we know it’s past time for a home network upgrade

Commercial Quality Solutions

Many homeowners use the equipment provided by their internet service provider (ISP). This one-size-fits-all package is good for a bit, until your home’s connected devices expand. For most smart homes, this solution is inadequate, failing to offer the range, reliability, and security your connected home demands. 

At C&T Systems, our certified technicians take the time to analyze your home's exact network needs. First, we'll explore the number of connected devices, how many people use the system at any given time, and the range your current system provides. Then, we'll create an enterprise-grade solution that ensures a fast, reliable connection with corner-to-corner coverage, including your outdoor areas. 

Remote Monitoring

These solutions also offer remote monitoring and management capability, letting us oversee your system 24/7. This means that we’ll be able to detect any connectivity issues, often before you know there’s a problem. Most can be solved remotely, keeping your home free of technicians and your smart home connected and secure. 

At C&T Systems, we provide custom electronics design and integration, creating reliable, fast, and secure smart homes that enhance our clients’ daily lives. To learn more about your home network needs or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact C&T Systems today.

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