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Smart Home Technology Makes for A More Productive Home Office


Working From Home Does Not Mean You Need to Sacrifice Quality or Comfort

Whether you are a remote worker veteran or were drafted over the last year, the trend toward work-from-home clearly shows some staying power. While the increased movement from in-office was well underway before 2020, many business communications platforms have made it possible long term.

A recent survey of top CEOs and business founders in Entrepreneur magazine indicated that they expected up to 70% of their workforce to be in the office two to three days a week or remain away from the office for the next three to five years. In addition, studies from Fortune magazine and business groups indicate that employee productivity remained consistent and, in many cases, increased markedly.

Are you ready to upgrade your Glastonbury, CT and surrounding area home office to a professional grade? An advanced smart home system enables you to communicate clearly, consistently, and securely. Learn more by reading below.


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Enterprise-Grade Network

In business, the data network is a vital component; it must handle 4K streaming, multiple resources, and a varied set of mobile platforms. It is the same for your home office.

Installing an enterprise-grade network offers you reliability and security a consumer-centric system cannot match.

Working from home offers you the opportunity to maximize family time, being a moment away once your tasks for the day are complete. Unfortunately, this often means having to share the same network that your home theater, the kid’s online games, and streaming content live on. A professional-based network offers the ability to segment and manage the data, keeping your bandwidth consistent, reducing conference call drop-outs or image quality degradation.

Creative Comfort

It is well known that a comfortable environment fosters better productivity, creativity, and happier employees. Your automated home furnishes all the tools needed to create the perfect setting for your workday.

Lighting influences your mood, perspective and general well-being. Tunable illumination and motorized shades allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for focusing on a project, reviewing printed plans, or writing that critical proposal. In addition, maximize your energy levels by balancing the use of sunlight and natural light LEDs while maintaining the right temperature.

Music provides inspiration and motivation, exciting neural pathways and generating new ideas. In your traditional office, you need to wear bulky, awkward noise-canceling headphones. With a multiroom audio system, the entire office is enveloped in a full-throated ambiance. Listen to what you want at the level you desire without involving the rest of your home.

Work Your Way

The traditional office has its advantages, but you can make the most of remote work by leveraging innovative home technologies to be more productive, better balanced, and be at the top of your game.  Get in touch by calling (860) 875-2876 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!


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