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Get Greater Safety with Cameras that Protect Your Property and Data


Cloud-Based Surveillance Systems Are Prone to Information Breaches, Compromising You and Your Family

Security is an essential component for your Avon, CT, and surrounding area smart home. It provides you with the assurance you need that the people and property you care about are protected. Inside or out, a security camera system allows you to monitor tradespeople working, the arrival of your children, or a delivery.

Whether you are at home or away, security cameras allow you to access recordings or even live views. How you access your security data is a balancing act between ease-of-use and the privacy of you and your family.

Many services offer remote cloud options to store recordings, log occurrences and even furnish a portal for real-time viewing. While this may seem to be an optimal convenience, there are a few pros and cons to consider before signing on to such a service.

Read below to find out how to protect your personal information while protecting your home.


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The Cloud Conundrum

We have grown accustomed to using remote services. Google suite tools like Drive and Docs are among the fastest-growing productivity tools. The events of the last year contributed to the mass adaption of platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. While these worked reasonably well, they have also shown some serious security flaws.

When using remote servers, the main thing to remember is that the ‘cloud’ is nothing more than storing your personal information on someone else’s computer. The news has a continuous stream of reports on security breaches to brand name services.

It is bad enough that someone may have had access to your files. In addition, too many user license agreements (ULA) indicate the right of the provider to sell metrics on your data to marketers. The information is supposed to be anonymous, but time and again, we hear of intrusions that break encryptions to find the direct links.

Store Local, Access Globally

You would not want the control of your lighting, shades, and wellness components to be available to others outside the home. Why would you trust access to your intimate spaces to an unreliable source?

With a Network Video Recorder (NVR), you keep the convenience of accessing the cameras and recordings while protecting your family’s privacy. The NVR is installed locally on your home network, just like any other IP-based device. The unit gives you 24/7 monitoring from the grounds of your property to the pool area and select locations inside your home.

Cloud platforms charge additional monthly fees that climb dramatically as the files you store or the number of connections grows. With a local recorder, you pay one price for the install and have immediate access to any files. Simply pull out the SD card or transfer files to another should you need to give them to the police or insurance.

Take Ownership of Your Data

There is no better time than now to update or install a security system that keeps your family safe in the home and from prying eyes worldwide. Let C&T Systems show you how to get complete personal protection. Get in touch by calling (860) 875-2876 or fill out our short form. We look forward to working with you!

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