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Give the Gift of Smart Home Automation

A living room with a sectional, TV, and unique pendant light.

Astonish the Techie in Your Life with Today’s Smart Home Technology

Do you have a techie in your life who has every new gadget and doesn't want another computer or the newest wireless headphones for a holiday gift? While the world abounds in technology in Avon, CT, and beyond, sometimes the people immersed in it are the hardest to buy for. After all, they already have every device imaginable! 

At C&T Systems, we have a solution. It’s called smart home automation, and it’s sure to take your tech enthusiast by surprise.

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Smart Home Automation Defined

Smart home automation manages your home’s lighting, climate, security, entertainment, spa, pool, and more from one easy-to-use platform. Are the lights too bright? One tap on a touchscreen dims them and changes the color to soft amber. 

While some jump into smart home automation full bore, integrating every smart device and system, others explore one concept at a time until, eventually, they have a full-throttle smart home. Here are a few of those solutions that may pleasantly surprise or astound your tech fan.

For the Music Lover 

Imagine your gift recipient pressing a button and hearing their favorite music streaming in high-fidelity splendor throughout the home with no speakers in sight. That’s called a whole-home audio system, and it delivers crystal clear sound through nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers. 

It’s managed from an app or home automation platform. Select the room or whole home, the audio source, and enjoy. At C&T Systems, we also partner with Sonos, the intelligent multi-room wireless speaker system.

For the Movie Buff

Has your techie mentioned going to a local cinema just to enjoy that heart-pumping, all-immersive surround sound? Using various speakers, from in-ceiling to bookshelf and wireless or the latest high-tech soundbars, we can create a surround sound system that takes you into the center of the scene unfolding on the TV or big screen. 

And all they have to do is ask. These systems are managed through one-touch control and voice command. A smart home automation system can also connect every entertainment device, offering effortless, synchronized control. 

For the Lighting Enthusiast

Today’s dynamic, full-spectrum LED lighting offers over 16 million colors of light. We know, it's hard to imagine. From golden candlelight to cerulean blue and indigo, this lighting system can create the perfect mood for every event. When integrated into a smart home automation platform, we can program the perfect lighting with one touch. 

Tap ‘Relax,’ and the lights turn into the colors of the Caribbean Sea. Press ‘Entertain,’ and the lights in the dining area turn the color of a candle flame while your artwork and architecture come alive in varying hues. Outdoors, the landscape lights can reflect the upcoming holidays. With today’s lighting technology, you’re set for every event, changing the atmosphere instantly.

And that’s just the tip of the smart home iceberg. At C&T Systems, we create customized home automation systems that define the pinnacle of smart home living—easy to use and extremely enjoyable. To learn more about the nearly limitless possibilities in smart home technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact C&T Systems today.

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