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Whole House Music Will Follow You Everywhere!

A kitchen and dining room featuring Sonance in-ceiling speakers.  

A Whole Home Audio System Will Be with You Every Step, from the Front Door to the Backyard

Summer is coming to Rhode Island, and the time is here to get your backyard ready! A whole house music system can turn your place in Westerly, RI, into the ultimate entertainment experience, and at C&T Systems, we can design and install it for you!

In this article, we take a walk from the front door to the backyard of your smart home, while listening to all your favorite tunes without a single interruption. 

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Beyond the Front Door

Even before you set foot inside, you can already hear the music. It is coming from the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers hidden across your smart home, all of which are programmed to start playing just as you arrive. A whole-house music system connects everything together.

With the door behind you, a voice command is all it takes to switch songs or to seamlessly stream audio from one room to another. The music follows you to the kitchen, the family room, and your favorite place, the media room. There, you tap once on your phone and watch the Ketra LED lights dim and the shades roll down, setting the perfect mood to relax for a while. 

What’s It Like Inside?

Sitting down in the media room, you pick up a touch interface and start browsing the endless music library you get by combining all leading streaming services into a single platform. 

The media servers we installed for you have anything you may need, from hundreds of films to old classics that you just can’t find elsewhere! But the night is young, and the backyard awaits, so you get up and continue walking. 

A Magical Outdoors 

Connecting devices farther away from a central router requires a strong, reliable network and WiFi access points strategically positioned across your property. It’s a good thing we already took care of that for you!

Before exiting to the backyard, a swipe on your phone will stream whatever you are playing to the outdoor speaker system. You will not miss a single beat, and with the right devices, audio quality will remain constant even in large, open spaces. And what better way to end the day than relaxing outside under the stars, listening to the same playlist that was waiting for you at the door?

The scenario above may sound like a dream, but it is a lot closer than you think! Contact us today, and together, we will determine the best whole house music solution for your place, and get it ready in time for next summer!

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