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Expand your Entertainment with a Whole House Music System


C&T Systems Has Indoor and Outdoor Audio Solutions for Your Glastonbury, CT Home


Whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or just a casual fan, there’s no denying that music enhances every aspect of your life. And with a whole house music system installed in your Glastonbury, CT home, you can make every room of your house feel like a recording studio or concert hall. Our partner Leon offers only the highest quality audio products. From outward appearance to internal functionality, their speakers are designed to provide the optimal listening experience – no matter what your space requires. Check out how Leon speakers can transform your music experience. 



A Playlist That Moves With You

Imagine: as you pull up to your driveway, you touch a button on your smartphone. This button unlocks your front door, turns on the lights, and begins playing your favorite music in the front hallway. This music follows you into the kitchen thanks to Leon’s Vault series of in-wall speakers. You prepare a drink and head to your dedicated listening room – which sports beautiful, freestanding Timbre bookshelf speakers -- to unwind from a long day at the office. Whole house music can transform the way you come home in the evening.

Different Rooms, Different Playlists

Friday night parties are a lot of fun. But as the night wears on, your guests could get tired of the music choices. But with a whole house music system, this is no longer an issue. Each room can be equipped with in-wall or freestanding speakers, so you won’t have to blast the tunes at top volume to get resonant sound all throughout the house. And you can program different rooms with different playlists, so that partygoers looking for something new just have to rotate to the next room.

As an added bonus, you can integrate your music selection with your lighting system to set completely different moods for each room. Pick a lighting level and a color, then vary the look and feel throughout the evening. Anything is possible with automation.

Move the Party Outdoors

Don’t think that your audio options are limited to the walls of your house. Summer is approaching and it’s time to move the party outside – along with the whole house music! Leon offers the Boundary series of outdoor speakers. Waterproof, UV resistant and beautiful to look at, the Boundary series can hype up a backyard cookout or late afternoon pool party by delivering the highest quality sound imaginable.

Are you ready to begin your whole house music installation with Leon Speakers in your Glastonbury, CT smart home? Contact us to get started today!


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