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Arm Your Avon, CT Home with a Surveillance System


C & T Systems Can Install CCTV Surveillance for Added Protection

 It’s that time of year…school is out and summer is on the brain. Families are starting to plan their summer vacations and take some needed time away from the business of life. Planning your getaway is essential, and you should also think about planning on how to protect your home while you’re gone. Even if you aren’t planning a holiday with the family, security and surveillance is still important these days. We have a number of options for your smart home in the Avon area, or anywhere in Connecticut. 


Trick Potential Intruders with “Mockupancy” Control Scenes

Break-ins are less likely to happen when someone is at home. A car in the driveway, lights turned on and a movie playing are all signs someone is home. If your house appears empty during you long getaway, it could signal robbers to take advantage of the situation and take your precious assets. Our team can help you program “Mockupancy” scenes that schedule lights to turn on and off like they normally would to make it appear as if you are at home. Lights can flicker, shades go up and down, even leave the TV on for a while to fool potential thieves.

Use Smart Locks for Added Peace of Mind

When was the last time you forgot to lock the door? Or you locked your keys in the car? Accidents can happen, and smart locks can definitely help. No longer do you need to hide an extra key in the lawn gnome. You can open and close doors, the garage door, and even the electric gate with your smart phone from anywhere at any time. Simply give your family members individual codes, and hit a button to come inside. You could also assign temporary codes to service workers, babysitters, or dog walkers on the days they need to come inside.

Capture Important Activity with Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are smarter than ever before. They are motion-activated, have HD picture quality, and can send text message alerts to your phone. Every time a person walks by a camera, it captures the activity and logs it with a date and time. So if the dog gets loose, your teenage daughter sneaks out, or a burglar breaks in you’ll know about it immediately and have the evidence to deal with it. With high-tech surveillance solutions, you’ll know what’s going on in your house at all times.

Would you like to update your control system, add new surveillance cameras, or make your locks smarter with a keyless entry system? Fill out our online form and let us know how we can help protect your assets.


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