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Explore the Best Features of a Savant Smart Home


C & T Systems is Making Avon, CT Homes Smarter with Automation


Why are so many people choosing Savant for their smart home system? Well first of all, it’s easy to use, second you can access it on your Apple and Android mobile devices, and third it is customizable so it blends with your unique lifestyle.

Three of the most practical uses of smart home automation are for entertainment, lighting, and climate control. In this blog, we’ll elaborate on what Savant has to offer when it comes to these hot topics. 



Savant Entertainment

Are you a huge movie fan or music addict? Savant can take your entire movie and music libraries, as well as your streaming services, and put them in one place for easy access. So if you have Netflix for movies, Direct TV for sports, and a personal music library on iTunes, with a few swipes you can play a movie in one room, a sports broadcast in another, and then rock n’ roll tunes by the pool.

Music and video distribution is simple with Savant since you can manage MP3 playlists, cable TV, and Internet streaming services all on a mobile device. Savant entertainment allows you to truly enjoy parties with families and friends since you don’t have to worry about the technical details.

Save your settings too and you can use your playlists again in the future. You could even capture a photo and create a catchy name to save it with. For example, during your summer BBQ, take a photo from the party, upload it into the system, then save it with the music playlist you used, and even add the lighting and video settings as well. So next time, hit “Summer party”, and your event is instantly ready.

Savant Lighting

With Savant your lights are never too bright or dark. Dimmers can help create comfortable environments and reduce glare on screens. You’ll also be able to control every room in the house, as well as the outdoor lighting. Hit one button to turn on the lights and wake up, then hit “Goodnight” at the end of the day to turn them all off except the porch light. Savant is compatible with Lutron Electronics, an industry leader in lighting automation.

Savant Climate Control

One of the greatest benefits of having an automated system is that it’s easier to save energy and keep your home comfortable.  During warmer months, set the thermostat to a higher temperature while you are away, and then remotely adjust it to cool your home just before you arrive at the front door. You could also integrate your Lutron shades as part of your Savant System in order to keep the house cooler. Then at the end of the month, see how much money and energy you saved! Conserving precious resources like electricity and staying comfortable at home is effortless with Savant’s climate control solutions.

C & T Systems now installs Savant in the Avon, CT area. Give us a call at (860) 875-2876 or fill out the contact form on our website to get started. 


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