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Enhance Your Living Spaces With Lutron Lighting Control


Discover How The Right Type Of Illumination Brightens Rooms And Improves Your Lifestyle

Lighting has the power to transform the spaces you live in by changing a room's mood, creating ambiance, and even improving your wellbeing. Traditional illumination focuses on providing practical solutions like guiding your way in the dark or as part of a security system. 

Smart homes using a complete Lutron lighting control system allows you to personalize your home to fit your needs and desires. Using a comprehensive collection of automation sensors and elegant interfaces, you can maximize the use of natural light or add more focused task lighting as needed. Add life to game night, lift the energy of a party, or bring better sleep patterns that improve your focus and health. 

Are you looking to upgrade your home in Newport, RI or the surrounding areas with lighting that is attuned to you? Read below to learn more. 


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Personalized Illumination

What is the first thing that strikes you when you enter a room? Do you notice the sweeping architectural lines, the decor, or furnishings? While all of these elements eventually call out for your attention, the lighting affects your initial impression of a space. 

The renowned interior designer and a leader in the light and space movement, James Turell, put it succinctly; "I want to create an atmosphere that can be consciously plumbed with seeing... Like the wordless thought that comes from looking in a fire."

Ketra fixtures, purchased by Lutron in 2009, use specially designed LED tunable lighting to provide the unparalleled luxury of shaping exactly how your home feels and looks. The bulbs create light across a broad spectrum of colors and intensity, adding depth, dimension, and vibrancy to every corner. 

Balance Your Circadian Cycles

Being in tune with the sun's natural rhythms is essential for your health and vigor. Whether through manual control or programmed to your location, a Lutron QSX processor sets the lights to work in concert with the day, blurring the line between indoors and outside. 

Improve your health by transitioning the brightness and color to match sunlight, improving sleep, digestion, and cognitive processes. In the same way, our whole-home audio system provides music in different tempos to keep you energized, personalized illumination is a critical component that keeps you happy and focused. 

Light Up Your Life

A lighting control system from Lutron and C&T systems can change the way you live, work and play. Are you intrigued about integrating light that improves every moment in your home? To start the conversation, call us at (860) 875-2876 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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