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What’s New From Lutron Lighting

How to Experience the Best Lighting Control in Newport

What’s New From Lutron Lighting

C&T Systems has been partnered with Lutron for years, installing high-quality lighting control systems into the homes of Newport, Rhode Island residents and families throughout Connecticut. Our goal is to educate our customers and keep them updated on the latest news in the home technology industry. Today, technology is moving lightning fast, and it can be challenging to keep up. We want to be your number-one source for all that is new in the smart home world. Continue reading to discover the latest from Lutron. 


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Lutron’s Connect Bridge

Lutron’s new Connect Bridge creates a link between the Homeworks QS or the Radio Ra2 systems and the Lutron cloud so you can access your home lighting remotely. The mobile app has a simple and easy-to-use interface and includes unique features like geofencing, Apple and Android widgets, and smart watch capabilities. The geofencing feature allows you to control your lights just by changing location.

If you leave the house or move outside of a certain area, you can have all of your lights automatically turn off, or dim to a certain level. The specifications are up to you as the Lutron Connect Bridge adds a whole new customizable and easy to use interface to your lighting experience. The widgets on your smartphone give you quick access to the Connect app without unlocking your phone and also provide more efficient control.

One of the best parts of using the Connect Bridge is that there is no long-term cost to controlling your lights remotely. In the past, users had to pay an annual fee for remote access, but now you have full control in your hands at no additional expense after purchasing the product. In an article on CePro.com the Director of Residential Business Development at Lutron, Rich Black, said, “Lutron’s new Connect Bridge is a game-changing device, creating a path within the cloud-connected infrastructure for Lutron. This will pave the way for unique and innovative features in the future.”


Control Your Lights from Your Car

Don’t like walking into a dark home? Now you can press a button in your car and your lights will turn on to welcome you in before you set foot inside. Our wireless controls can also control any lights of your choosing, like a path of lights up your driveway so you can see easily at night or a “goodbye” button to turn off your lights when you leave your home. Use the Lutron app on your phone or a remote control device that you can conveniently place in your vehicle.

Apple’s Smart Watch

Though you may not be interested in having a phone conversation with your Apple watch, the best part about having one is the convenience of controlling your home from your wrist. You could be lounging in a chair at home or out on the town and control all of the lights and shades in your house. Select scenes like “welcome,” “goodnight,” and “movie” all from a watch that can also tell you the time and organize your busy schedule.

Would you like to use any of the features we listed above? With Lutron you have many options for controlling your lights and shades. Contact us online for more information.


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