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Upgrade Your Lighting Control for A Happier, Healthier Home


Moving to Lutron Systems Improves the quality of Illumination and Brings Balance to Your Life

The quality of lighting in your house influences every moment of your daily living. Whether you are working in the home office, meditating in the spa, or finding your way to the bathroom at 3 am, how you illuminate it matters. 

If you have been living with an outdated or inflexible system like Insteon or Lite touch, upgrading to an advanced and human-centric lighting control from Lutron transforms your living spaces. Our team of installation experts analyze your current system and easily transition you to more sophisticated solutions. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home in West Hartford, CT, and the surrounding region to a better environment? Continue reading below to find out more. 


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Ambiance Personified

Traditional lighting interfaces often have a singular focus on practical applications, turning on lights in the kitchen, allowing you to read better, or guiding your way across the front walk. While providing these functions is important, we consider illumination a vital component of your home’s ecosystem. 

Light is the first thing that influences your perception of a room; the type and intensity of light impact your impressions of architectural spaces, decor, and artwork. Standard lighting fixtures lack the ability to change color temperature, leaving you feeling cold and unwelcome.

Lutron allows you to blend the functional with the fantastic. Craft the perfect personalized ambiance, offering a balance between natural sunlight and the ability to dramatically shape your environment. Just as audiophile quality multiroom audio invigorates you through the day, Lutron’s tunable lighting keeps you focused, engaged, and active. 

Sophisticated Interfaces 

The design and flow of your home should take precedence and not be interrupted by ugly rows of switches and dimmers. With Lutron's multiple interface options, your walls are cleaner, simpler, and free from the dreaded wall acne. 

Whether using stylish keypads, elegant wall plates, the mobile app, or your voice, advanced interfaces craft better aesthetics. In addition, you have the flexibility of choosing between wired or wireless versions

Radio RA3 connects without the need for additional wires. It offers unlimited control options including the new adjustable lightbar that keeps you from feeling for a switch; just stop, touch, and go.

Lutron’s control platform gives you unlimited flexibility to manage your home. Now your lights can fade as the movie starts, change colors for the holidays, or make the house appear occupied while on vacation.

Better Light for Living

Upgrading your lighting controls goes beyond illuminating the dark. Are you ready to experience a system that enhances your home and way of living? Call (860) 875-2876 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!

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