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Embrace the Sophistication of Palladiom Shades Without Running Wires


Learn How The Elegant Line Of Lutron’s Battery Powered Window Treatments Enhance Your Home

Shades are more than the final fit and fashion for your windows; they serve an essential function for your home. We are all aware that a room looks incomplete without something on the windows. Adding shades creates an inviting ambiance, transforming a room from stark and empty to a space that expresses you

In addition to providing an accent to your decor, window treatments help lower energy costs and create a sense of privacy. Lutron battery shades not only dispense with wires, but they are also available in a variety of styles and fabrics.

Read more below to learn why the Palladiom line of shades is a perfect fit for your smart home in Avon, CT, and surrounding areas. 


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Refined Style And Installation 

Palladiom shades are perfect for installation in exposed applications. The hardware does not require recesses, pockets, or additional fascia, giving interior designers and architects more creative freedom. Instead of looking around or under the blinds, you have an unencumbered view of the beautiful sunsets just outside. 

As the shades come in wired and wireless versions, you no longer need to worry about hiding the electronics. The housings come in several hand-finished styles and complement any room or decor with world-class textiles in different fabrics, textures, and patterns that add style and refinement to any room. 

Go Wireless 

Palladiom units are built for beauty; the polished aluminum tubes and mounting brackets belie the remarkable high-tech electronics inside. The units are optionally powered by six D-cell batteries hidden within the roller tube, allowing you to manage light while dispensing with the fascia needed to conceal other systems' motors. 

Using the patent-pending Active Energy Optimization system, the batteries have an operational live expectancy of three to five years. They can easily be replaced in a few moments rather than dealing with a complicated installation process. Once the app alerts you, an entire house can be updated in half the time of conventional competing products. 

Lutron's whisper-quiet motors and seamless synchronization give you peace of mind and a sense of Zen to your ears and eyes. The shade's clean and minimized profile provides a lifetime of service for any window size up to 12 feet wide by 12 feet tall, requiring only 3¼” vertical space for the unit when fully opened. 

Legendary Quality For Your Home

Motorized shades from Lutron allow you to add ambiance and energy savings while providing unobstructed views. Are you ready to transform your home with Palladiom shades? Contact C&T Systems by calling (860) 875-2876 or filling out our contact page to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you!

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