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Energy Management That Saves Your Devices and Your Bottom Line

Electrical Grids Are Troubled. Prevent Damage from Surges and Costly Peak Hour Charges

Energy Management That Saves Your Devices and Your Bottom Line

Technology is a big part of our everyday living; every aspect of our lives is touched by it. The devices in our home provide automated convenience, surveillance, and access to media from anywhere. 

While there are many benefits to having a smart home, they are susceptible to inconsistencies in the power grid, natural events, and peak energy costs. Providing audio video protection from surges, spikes, and other electrical issues not only ensures continued service but also protects your investment.  

Is your Westbrook, CT, or New England smart home and equipment protected against potentially damaging electrical issues? Find out how we can save your devices and money. Read more below.  

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The Grid Under Pressure 

We live in a modern technology-based country. We like to think that our infrastructure systems are stable and infinitely extensible. But recently the news has been full of stories about major electrical grid failures 

The power infrastructure has been under stress for the past decade resulting in more frequent brownouts and rolling blackouts. As a result, there has been an increased call for consumers to reduce peak hour usage and a marked increase in peak hour rates.  

Loss of power is more than an inconvenience. It can cause significant damage to your computers, automation interfaces, home theater equipment, and your network. It is best to be prepared by installing protection and battery backup.  

Suppress the Surge  

Surge in voltage can be caused in a number of ways, though variations in the electrical service and the restart of electricity after a blackout. Designing a system to protect your home involves understanding how power companies deliver service and how surge suppressors manage it.  

We are taught that the electricity in our homes is a consistent voltage. The truth is that the actual voltage varies quite a bit through the day. This variation can be caused by a natural drop based on demand in your area, aging power lines and equipment, and intentional brownouts by the power company when demand is too high.  

The danger is twofold here, lower voltages not only make incandescent lights dimmer but it also puts a strain on electronics, slowly degrading services. Every dip has a corresponding rise that can exceed equipment tolerances, damaging internal components. The effect is similar to surges caused by the return of power after a blackout. Surge protectors work by diverting the extra electricity from devices, interrupting the flow with a breaker, or storing the energy.  

Prevent Peak Hour Charges 

As increases in demand continue to grow and put pressure on the grid, peak hour rates rise, and power consistency is degrading. Having the ability to store energy for use when the rates are high or overloading summer demand is causing issues helps protect your home and your bottom line.   

Battery backups store energy overnight and release it into your home powerlines during the day or as needed. The power can come from unused capacity or from solar panels during the day. When connected to an automation system, your battery can begin storing more energy when the weather reports indicate severe storms.  In the same way that motorized shades help to prevent your home from overheating during the day, a backup power unit works autonomously - managing the safety and stability of your smart home.  

Make A Move Now 

The dangers of inconsistent power are real concerns for you and your high technology home. Are you ready to add protection and peace of mind? Call (860) 875-2876 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you! 

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