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Elan Elevates Home Automation Systems


Refining the Home Automation Experience

We have long been proud partners with Elan Systems for home automation solutions.  Their systems make even the most complex automated homes easy to control and live with everyday.  The company is not resting on its laurels, and it continues to develop new products aiming to make home automation systems as intuitive as possible.

CEDIA is the trade association that puts on the biggest show devoted to smart home technology. At the annual show earlier this month, Elan debuted three new products that show their acumen for making home control easy.  All these products showcased the refining of intelligent communication and control experiences in the home, with a new remote control, video doorbell, and wall-mounted touch panel. 

What’s new and different about these devices?  Read on to find out how Elan can make your home control experience that much simpler in Old Saybrook—and anywhere else in Connecticut. 


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Intelligent Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are not uncommon these days.  Quite a few models abound in the market and some tie into consumer home automation products.  Elan has gone a step further with their new video doorbell.  The software that powers this device has intelligent motion analytics that can distinguish between an actual person approaching and the motion of a swaying tree or a passing car.  Many products trigger notifications for any movement, needlessly annoying a homeowner. 

It has a few other tricks too.  If someone puts a hand over it to cover the camera, the system detects that and triggers a notification.  The camera also serves as a security camera that can record and capture video footage to Elan’s surveillance systems.  This doorbell is designed to be part of Elan’s home automation suite, with intelligent features to maximize security, ease of use, and peace of mind. 

Intelligent Touch Panels

If you own an iPhone X, you may be enjoying the convenience (and security) of its facial recognition capabilities.  Elan thought that the same technology would make home automation more intuitive too.  At CEDIA they announced new eight and twelve-inch touch panels for home control and communication that can recognize users by face.  This facial recognition technology allows personalization of the system to individuals.  Don’t want the kids to mess with specific lights or set the temperature to something outlandish?  No problem, the system can keep them away from those options. 

In addition, the new panels can display high-resolution video, including the feed from the new video doorbell.  A dual microphone array facilitates intercom communication with the front door and other panels throughout the house, and also communicates with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa without needing Echo speakers. 

A Sleeker Smart Remote

While touch panels are intuitive, sometimes remotes with buttons provide a superior experience, especially in controlling AV entertainment devices.  The tactile feel of the buttons allows control without having to look at the remote.  The best of these remotes also provide a touchscreen which can allow a customized interface for functions aside from AV control, like lighting, shades, and climate.  The new HR30 remote does just that, featuring hard buttons for standard media control and a 2.8-inch touchscreen that can be customized to the particulars of the home automation system.

Interested in learning more about home automation systems and what they can do for you in the Constitution State? Reach out to us here!

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