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How a Lutron Lighting System Plays Well with Others


Explore Lutron’s Many Home Technology Integration Options

We are living in a world awash with smart devices. Every day, something new comes out that adds intelligence and connectivity to an everyday device or appliance. Would you like a coffeemaker that can be turned on via Amazon Alexa voice control?

We Rhode Islanders are sometimes skeptical. Perhaps we don’t need a connected coffee maker, or maybe we think it’s a great idea. Regardless, what we do want in smart devices and home automation is the ability to make that automated functionality work well with other features in our home in the Westerly area. There are quite a few “connected” light bulbs and electrical plugs out there, but they only connect to one app on your phone. 

When it comes to lighting systems and control, there is one undisputed leader in the field – Lutron.  Lutron originated the first solid-state lighting dimmer way back in 1959, and has not stopped since, creating sophisticated lighting control systems for both residential and commercial use. 

Lutron has invested heavily in integration with other systems. If you are looking for a lighting control system, you want to be able to integrate it with other home control solutions, either now or in the future. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Lutron lighting systems play well with others. 


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Voice Control

Amazon Alexa has become enormously popular. Powered by Amazon’s cloud and artificial intelligence, it is continually learning new skills. It is available through Amazon’s various speakers like the Echo and Show and increasingly in other consumer electronics devices as well. It is quite good at voice control for home automation, and Lutron has worked with Amazon to make it work for lighting control. 

Lutron has several systems that span the lighting control range, from one room to the most sophisticated large homes. Every one of their systems, from Caseta Wireless to Homeworks QS, can work with Alexa voice control. And they haven’t stopped with Alexa. As Apple’s Siri and Google Home have made great strides into home automation, Lutron has updated their Bridge – the gateway for integration with other systems – to work with them as well. If you have a voice platform of choice, it can work with your Lutron system. Whether it’s “OK Google, turn off living room” or “Alexa, dim living room to 50%”, Lutron has it covered. 

Lutron Pico Keypads

For some simpler systems, Lutron’s Caseta wireless systems are an excellent choice for lighting control.  Their versatile wireless Pico keypads can be wall-mounted and also used as a handheld remote. Lutron has a version of these that have simple buttons for play/pause and volume/mute – perfect for controlling a whole-home music system. Naturally, if you wanted a scene to coordinate the lights with the music, Lutron’s app makes it easy to do just that.

Full Home Automation Systems

For larger homes, lighting control should integrate seamlessly with other functions like surveillance, cameras, security alarms, smart thermostats, and A/V systems. There too, Lutron has the bases covered.  They have integrations and alliances with every major home automation system vendor, including Elan and Savant, which are our preferred solutions. These smart home automation solutions give you a single, intuitive interface for simplified control, and make all your smart systems – like motorized shades, Lutron lighting, security, and entertainment – work together; automating routine tasks, saving energy, and making complex homes simpler to operate and manage. 

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