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Give the Gift of Smart Home Automation

A living room with a sectional, TV, and unique pendant light.

Astonish the Techie in Your Life with Today’s Smart Home Technology

Do you have a techie in your life who has every new gadget and doesn't want another computer or the newest wireless headphones for a holiday gift? While the world abounds in technology in Avon, CT, and beyond, sometimes the people immersed in it are the hardest to buy for. After all, they already have every device imaginable! 

At C&T Systems, we have a solution. It’s called smart home automation, and it’s sure to take your tech enthusiast by surprise.

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Why Preventive Maintenance Is Key to Keep Your Smart Home Running Smoothly

A luxury living room with elegant pendant lights.

Let Our Team Support You and Keep Your Lifestyle as Luxurious as Ever!

Living in a smart home offers a whole new level of luxury and convenience. However, once your systems and devices are in place, it is essential to keep an eye on them to ensure a seamless operation that keeps providing you with the lifestyle you deserve. This is where preventive maintenance steps in. When you work with C&T Systems, our relationship doesn’t end once your installations are done, as we believe that supporting our clients with top-level maintenance services is key to helping you fully enjoy the smart living experience.

In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the importance of preventive maintenance and what our team of experts can do to keep your smart devices running smoothly at all times in your luxurious home in Newport or anywhere else in Rhode Island. Take a look!

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Transforming Your Home into a Halloween Wonderland

Outdoor audio for Halloween

Explore the Wonders of Audio and Lighting 

The winds whisper secrets through the trees, and the moon casts eerie reflections on the ground. It's that time of year again—Halloween is just around the corner. If you're a homeowner in Newport, RI, or anywhere with a flair for spooky celebrations, you know that creating the perfect Halloween atmosphere is essential. What better way to do that than by harnessing the magic of outdoor audio and lighting?

As innovative technology continues to weave its way into our lives, it's no surprise that it's now making its mark on our holiday festivities. With audio systems and colorful lights, you can turn your home into a Halloween wonderland that will leave trick-or-treaters and passersby in awe.

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Property installed with a smart home security system in West Hartford, CT


The rise of smart technology has changed our lives beyond our imagination. Today, it controls our entire homes, making life more comfortable and convenient by enabling us to streamline daily tasks. This isn’t all that smart technology can do, though. It can also improve and strengthen your home security system in West Hartford, CT.

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Protect Your Smart Home Devices from Summer Storms This Season

A living room with a sofa that has power outlets installed.

Discover How We Can Protect Your Technology from Power Surges! 

Summer storms can be a mesmerizing display of nature's power. However, along with the awe-inspiring thunder and lightning, these storms bring the potential for power surges that can wreak havoc on your home and electronic devices. That's why surge protection is vital in safeguarding your smart home devices from the damaging effects of power surges in West Hartford, CT, and all across the New England area.

In this article, we will explore the importance of surge protection and how cutting-edge solutions from leading brands such as Panamax and Furman can help you achieve that.

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A SunBrite wall-mounted TV installed on a deck overlooking the ocean.  


Summer is coming to Newport, RI, and it’s time to unlock your backyard’s full potential, turning it into an outdoor entertainment oasis! And guess what? At C&T Systems, we are here to help you seamlessly blend technology, entertainment, and relaxation into an unforgettable outdoor space. 

At C&T Systems, our expert technology integrators will transform your patio or backyard into the ultimate summer entertainment destination, thanks to partnerships with brands like Coastal Source, Lutron, Séura, and SunBrite. From audio and video systems to lighting control, we’ve got your back; now read on to find out how we will make it happen. 

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Three Features That Enhance Your Home Office Setup

Sophisticated and spacious home office setup with post-modern furnishing and natural light

Discover How A Smarter System Makes You More Creative and Productive 

"If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily." - Jack Canfield.

Work demands many things from us, but to be genuinely productive, having a dedicated space where you are inspired and can focus is essential. Having the right home office setup is vital whether you work remotely full-time or utilize a hybrid flex schedule. 

A smart home system provides the power to shape your environment, creating comfort and convenience at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your workspace in West Hartford, CT, and the New England area? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Whole House Music Will Follow You Everywhere!

A kitchen and dining room featuring Sonance in-ceiling speakers.  

A Whole Home Audio System Will Be with You Every Step, from the Front Door to the Backyard

Summer is coming to Rhode Island, and the time is here to get your backyard ready! A whole house music system can turn your place in Westerly, RI, into the ultimate entertainment experience, and at C&T Systems, we can design and install it for you!

In this article, we take a walk from the front door to the backyard of your smart home, while listening to all your favorite tunes without a single interruption. 

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What Are the Three Pillars Behind Every Smart Home Security System?

The corner of a home featuring two hard-wired security cameras.

Add Peace of Mind to Your Day With These Integrated Security Solutions 

Security is of the utmost importance for homeowners in West Hartford, CT, and all across the state. After all, what could matter more than your home and your family? That is why a home security system should be at the top of your wishlist when considering an update or upgrade for your smart home. At C&T Systems, we can design and install it for you. 

In this article, we explore cameras, smart locks, and sensors, the three pillars behind your next smart home security system. 

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Start Preparing Now For Summer Fun With Outdoor Audio

A Coastal Source speaker nestled amongst green summer grass and foliage.

Discover how superior sound and stunning illumination transform your backyard. 

Spring and summer bring renewal and rebirth after the dark and cold of winter. While it is brisk and blustery now, we will soon shed our heavy layers and expand our living spaces to the backyard. 

Now is the perfect time to transform your property into the ultimate entertainment area with outdoor audio. Our professional and certified team creates systems that enhance and elevate your summer fun and relaxation. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home in New London, CT, or anywhere in the New England region? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Do I Need Wi-Fi 6 For My Home Network Setup?


Improve Performance and Capacity When You Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

We get asked by homeowners all of the time if an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 is needed. The answer is it depends. Whether or not you need to upgrade your home network setup to incorporate Wi-Fi 6 depends on how satisfied you are with your current wireless network, the speed, and function of your connected devices, and how many connected devices you intend to have in your home. 

Whether or not Wi-Fi 6 benefits you is based on your personal experiences and preferences. Also, if you have plans to extend the reach of your home network outside of your home, an upgrade would be something to consider. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of upgrading Wi-Fi 6 for your New London, CT, area home.

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There’s Nothing Quite Like Living in a Smart Home


Simplify Your Life Through Smart Home Automation 

Smart home automation shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, one of the leading reasons families invest in smart homes is the convenience and comfort of a technology-driven lifestyle. The installation process, on the other hand, is often complex and better left to professionals. At C&T Systems, we design, install, and integrate technology systems for clients in Farmington, CT, and surrounding areas. What’s our mission? To take care of the complicated aspects of home automation so that you can focus on living a better, smarter, more comfortable life. 

Here are three ways hiring a professional installer and integrator will simplify your life through home automation. 

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The Signs Your Home Network Needs an Upgrade


Ensure Corner-to-Corner, Reliable, Fast Internet Coverage for Your Smart Home

Deloitte’s 2202 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey found that the average number of connected devices in a home in the U.S. is 22. That’s a lot of connectivity. Gone are the days of a few laptops and a desktop. Now, our homes are filled with video conferencing equipment, gaming consoles, and smart devices. Many of these devices are taking up significant bandwidth—the amount of data transmitted over your home’s internet at any given time.

Today, your home networking is more important than ever, keeping your home connected and operating at its peak. Let’s explore the signs that suggest your home in Stonington, CT, may need an upgrade and the steps to ensure a reliable internet connection.

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Transform Your Home with Lutron’s Ketra LED Lighting


Create any Mood for any Activity in an Instant

Have you been considering upgrading your lighting? For many, that means integrating LED lighting, a popular technology on the rise. According to Research and Markets, the LED lighting market is about $75.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $124.7 billion by 2027. 

There are many reasons for this rapid growth, including energy efficiency, design applications, and creating a healthier environment. If you’ve just entered the world of smart LED lighting, you may start by purchasing LED bulbs that connect to an app. Keep in mind that there are limitations as to what you can put a standard LED bulb in. 

Another problem arises as you continue to mix and match lightbulbs, with some integrated into an app and some controlled by a light switch. Soon, the design and functionality no longer work together, and your new lighting can become more frustrating than fun. There is a better way. 

As a Lutron dealer serving Newport, RI, and the surrounding areas, we bring smart lighting to your entire home. Now, you can control every light in your home from the same user-friendly interface. Let’s explore what this means and the benefit it brings.

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Improve Your Work-Life Balance With A Home Office Setup


Learn How A Professional AV Integrator Creates Spaces That Are Productive and Peaceful

The nature of work has changed forever. Whether you conduct business entirely from a remote location or have a flex/hybrid office schedule, the need for a productive home office setup is critical. 

In order to work at your best, being heard, and channeling your creative energy requires more than a hodge-podge of a laptop and devices scattered across the dining room table. At C&T systems, we bring our extensive knowledge and award-winning designs to improve how you work while keeping your living spaces private and personal. 

Do the possibilities for your luxury home in West Hartford, CT, and the surrounding region intrigue you? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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4 Reasons a Strong Network is a Smart Home Necessity

Enhance the Performance of all Your Devices with Fast, Reliable Signals 

As smart home devices become more popular, there’s a growing need for enterprise-grade networks that help them communicate efficiently. Relying on your internet service provider’s standard installation won’t be enough to deal with all of your connected devices. Before you can get more from that new thermostat, camera or speaker, you first need to focus on a home network upgrade. 

Our home network setups, available from Groton, CT, to Westerly, RI, help you truly embrace the connected home. Expanding your network capabilities will help your devices collaborate better to serve your needs. Likewise, you ensure your signal reaches every corner of your residence to avoid any dead spots that could ruin your smart home experience. 

SEE MORE: What to Expect in a Professional Network Installation 

Easily Handle Added Traffic from Your Devices  

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A Home Surveillance System That Provides Peace of Mind


Discover How a Smart Security System Can Protect Your Home and Family

We know home safety is important for everyone, so it’s important to us too. At C&T Systems, our goal is to provide our customers with a higher quality of life through home automation technology - and that includes home security. Automating your security system might seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. 

We make it simple by crafting customized setups based on your unique situation. So we can integrate security solutions that work for you, not the other way around. With so much on your plate, a home surveillance system could lighten your load. 

Did you forget to arm the security system before you left home in Farmington, CT? You can do that from your phone. It only takes a few seconds! Keep reading to learn more about how C&T Systems helps homeowners throughout the greater area enjoy automation and better security on their properties.   

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Enhance Your Living Spaces With Lutron Lighting Control


Discover How The Right Type Of Illumination Brightens Rooms And Improves Your Lifestyle

Lighting has the power to transform the spaces you live in by changing a room's mood, creating ambiance, and even improving your wellbeing. Traditional illumination focuses on providing practical solutions like guiding your way in the dark or as part of a security system. 

Smart homes using a complete Lutron lighting control system allows you to personalize your home to fit your needs and desires. Using a comprehensive collection of automation sensors and elegant interfaces, you can maximize the use of natural light or add more focused task lighting as needed. Add life to game night, lift the energy of a party, or bring better sleep patterns that improve your focus and health. 

Are you looking to upgrade your home in Newport, RI or the surrounding areas with lighting that is attuned to you? Read below to learn more. 

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Improve Your Entertainment And Productivity With Home Networking Solutions


See How Professional Installation And Services Provides Flexibility, Reliability, And Security You Need

The luxury and convenience smart technologies add to your home life depend on a reliable and secure home networking installation. Your home is more than a place to lay your head down at night; it fosters inspiration, motivation, and solace, and ensuring that you never have to worry about connectivity is crucial. 

 Whether you are streaming 4K video throughout the house, controlling human-centric lighting, monitoring your surveillance cameras, or conducting video conferences from your Stonington, CT home office, anything less than a professional integration and implementation can leave you struggling today and cause issues down the line. 

Do you want more performance assurance for every aspect of your day in the lower New England region? Continue reading below to discover more. 

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Bring Your Outdoor Spaces To Life With Landscape Lighting


The warm weather is finally upon us, and the entertaining outdoor season is officially underway. This time of year offers the promise of family gatherings and backyard barbeques with friends, and now is the perfect opportunity to add features that make the most of your time outside. 

When we talk about outdoor activities at home, the conversation often turns to all-weather television and external speaker systems. While these elements add to the experience, landscape lighting is the element that truly brings your property to life. The same way your home illumination controls create ambiance, moods, and a sense of space, these can be applied to your pool, patio, and lawn as well. 

Are you ready to make more use of your home in Westbrook, CT, or the surrounding area this summer? Continue reading below to find out how! 

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