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Stay Warm and Save Money with a Smart Thermostat


Prevent Common Cold-Weather Mishaps with Smart Control


As winter wages on in Hartford, CT, the cold isn't just a reason to bundle up when you go outside—it's also a reason to prepare your home for the snowy chill. One tool to consider adding to your winter arsenal is a smart thermostat. These programmable devices can help you keep a consistently cozy temperature during winter and protect your home from common cold-weather mishaps like frozen pipes. Continue reading to learn how a smart thermostat can help you stay warm and save money this winter.

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Weathering the Winter Chill

Along with gusty breezes and drifts of snow, winter also delivers the risk of freezing temperatures. This can cause all-too-common problems for your home's plumbing. When temperatures drop below freezing, water can solidify inside pipes, expand, and cause pipes to burst. This unfortunate winter disaster can lead to water damage inside your home, costly repairs, and many headaches. But with a smart thermostat, you can avoid these issues altogether. An intelligent system constantly communicates with you about your home’s climate status, alerting you at the first sign of trouble. Should the temperature drop enough that it could lead to freezing pipes or a troublesome leak, a notification will alert you to take action before it's too late.

Smart Thermostats: Your Winter Ally

Smart thermostats help New England homeowners feel well-prepared for winter. They will regulate your home's temperature according to your preferences, ensuring your home is warm when you're there and conserving energy when you're not. This capability means you can keep your home comfortable and avoid wasting heat in an empty house.


A smart thermostat also gives you the ability to control heating remotely. No more worrying if you forgot to turn down the heat before leaving for a trip. Plus, smart thermostats can provide reports on energy usage, helping you to optimize your heating habits to save energy and money.

Smart Savings for Homeowners

The initial cost of a smart thermostat may seem like an investment, but the savings you’ll see on heating and cooling bills over time will quickly offset the expense. By managing your home's heating and cooling more efficiently, you’ll save money and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Just like turning off the lights when you leave the room, adjusting the temperature of your home when you leave for the day can add up to some sweet savings.

For homeowners like those near Hartford, CT, surviving winter means more than just bracing for the cold. You should also consider the proactive steps you can take to protect your home from cold-weather mishaps and save on heating costs. Smart thermostats are a modern solution to these old winter challenges. Contact us to learn how technology solutions can improve your daily living, even through the long winter nights. 

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