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Get a Faster Internet Connection with a Professional Network Installation


How do I find a reliable Wi-Fi Network for my Danbury Home?

One of the most frustrating problems our clients in Connecticut run into is slow Internet. When your network is slow, you can't get work done, enjoy music and movies with your streaming services, or even control your smart home properly. The reason everything breaks down when the Internet drops is because the network is the backbone of your smart home. If you invest in smart home automation, it's imperative that you have a professional network installation. Here are the details as to why this solution is so important.


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The truth is you could buy 100,000 dollars' worth of audio/video or smart home equipment and its performance will still only be as good as the network it runs on. Would you invest in a luxury car and then put regular gasoline in it? But that's what you do when you use the modem and router supplied by your local Internet Service Provider or electronic store.

The network is the 'secret ingredient' – the foundation – of your smart home. So it makes sense to invest in the very best networking solutions to support all of the connected activities you do on a regular basis. A poor network will result in slow download speeds, poor quality video streaming, phone calls that cut out, and connected devices that don't work well consistently. Many people don't realize that it's a network issue, and they wrongly blame the AV system or device for the problem. An enterprise-grade network is the secret to a good smart home.

Designed for Perfect Performance

C & T Systems works with Ruckus, a Wi-Fi company that offers commercial-grade networking solutions. Their Ruckus Unleashed Wi-Fi packages can be installed quickly by our team so your Internet is up and running again in no time. The reason why enterprise-class networks are so much better than local providers is because they use faster CPUs and memory to process high bandwidth traffic, like 4K video. They also use advanced traffic management technologies for segmentation and prioritization for traffic processing. Further, they have gigabit speed Ethernet and fiber optic ports to keep up with super-fast ISP speeds and incorporate transmitters so you have seamless Wi-Fi coverage. This may sound too advanced for you to understand, unless you have an IT background, but all it means is that our networks are more sophisticated to handle large homes that are filled with electronics and Internet-enabled devices.

Our Services

To install a network in your smart home, first we assess your property to determine the layout and exactly what equipment is needed to meet your needs. We'll take your devices, applications, and usage patterns into consideration to customize the networking solutions. Then our team will set-up the Wi-Fi, placing routers in your home to connect all of your features, like lighting, shading, and security. After we've installed the technology, we'll be here for service and support in case anything goes wrong. All it takes is a phone call and we'll have your home connected again quickly.

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