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Use a Brand You Can Trust for Your Lighting Installation: Lutron


The Benefits of Using Lutron for Your Home Lighting Control

Did you know that the lighting manufacturer Lutron created the first solid state dimmer? Since 1959, Lutron has been a leader in lighting innovation and has brought new controls to homes and business all over the world. Some of their most famous projects include The White House and The New York Times Building.

C&T Systems is a certified Lutron dealer and has extensive experience installing their lighting and shading systems across Connecticut for over 15 years. Continue reading to learn more about all of the lighting services we have to offer in your area of Danbury, or anywhere in Connecticut.


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Why Lutron?

We've chosen Lutron as our primary lighting partner because they are the world leaders in lighting control. Currently, they hold over 2,700 patents, including the solid-state dimmer and the first self-contained lighting control system. Not only do they have the history and experience to bring you the most innovative and reliable lighting, but they have also tested all of their products for quality operation. Research and Development is an integral part of Lutron's quality assurance process, so much so, that the company reinvests a sizeable portion of their annual profits back into research and development, to guarantee the best quality of products on the market.

We would never sell our clients products we wouldn't use ourselves. That is why our office and our homes are furnished with Lutron products. That adds to our ability as integrators and programmers because we experience and interact with the product the same way our customers do, lending an extra piece of insight into our installation process.

Lutron lighting systems are long-lasting and can easily be updated and expanded. There are incredible benefits of using Lutron for your home's lighting, including saving energy, time, and money. Their controls are incredibly easy to use, so living in a smart home fits right in with your lifestyle. Below you'll find a few highlights that stand out from this incredible company.


Ever since Lutron created the first dimmer, they've continued creating new models for homeowners to choose from. One of their latest styles, the Grafik T, uses LED technology and allows you to brighten or dim any room with the swipe of your finger up and down a strip. As you move your finger up, the LED strip gets brighter.

Dimmers don't just add a beautiful ambiance to your home; they also help you save energy and money by reducing the amount of electricity you use to brighten your house. Dim your lights down 30% and Lutron reports you'll see the difference in your monthly energy usage. With mobile controls using the Lutron App, or your whole home control manufacturer, you can dim any room on a smartphone or tablet. Having both the in-wall dimmers and mobile controls allows you to easily transform any room at any moment.

Smart Sensors

Lutron has different types of sensors to automate your lighting. Occupancy/vacancy sensors can tell when a person is in a room and then turns the light on and as soon as you leave, they go off again. This technology saves a lot of energy, especially if you have a tendency to leave all your house lights on even when you're not occupying every space. They're ideal for rooms where lights are accidentally left on, such as an office, or rooms that you often enter with your hands full, such as a laundry room or supply closet.

Lutron's daylight sensors save energy by dimming or turning off electric lighting when sufficient daylight is available. The sensor detects light in the space and then wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to the compatible dimming and switching devices via Lutron Clear Connect™ Radio Frequency (RF) technology; those controls then adjust the lights to take advantage of the daylight.

These are just a few of Lutron's products that have been lighting up homes for decades. Give our team a call at 860-875-2876 or fill out this online form if you need us to install Lutron lighting in your Danbury, Connecticut home.

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