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Which Motorized Shades Are the Best for My New Canaan, CT Home?


Window Treatment Ideas for the Connecticut Homeowner

Choosing an interior design style, paint color, or curtain pattern for a room can be a difficult process – especially if you have a hard time making decisions. Throw technology options into the mix and the decision making can get even more challenging. C&T Systems can help you make the right choice when it comes to motorized shades in your New Canaan, Connecticut home. Continue reading to discover which materials, manufacturers, and systems are the best.


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Lutron: A Brand Name You Can Trust

C&T Systems is your local Lutron-certified dealer, and there's a reason why we have chosen this brand over many of the others. While Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Lutron practically invented lighting control. Their company has been innovating lighting and shading solutions for over 40 years. They've installed lighting and shading systems in the White House, Windsor Castle, and many other famous sites all over the world. As a leader in integration technology, we trust Lutron over all the other names.

The Color Matters

If you had to choose between a light roller shade and a dark one, which one would you pick? According to Lutron representatives, most people go with the lighter shade, like white. But did you know it's actually more difficult to see outside when the material is in a lighter color? Your visibility increases with a darker shade, so we suggest you choose gray or navy blue. Lutron has over 50 color options for you to choose from, so if you really want to go with a fun color like red or turquoise, you can! 

The Material Matters

Once you go with a color, then you have to choose a type of fabric. Lutron has over 200 fabrics that can complement your interior design, maximize daylight, reduce glare, and preserve your view to the outside. The fabrics are organized into four categories: special-grade solar screens, sustainable solar screens, general purpose solar screens, and blackout shades. Each one blocks a percentage of light and UV rays.

For example, blackout shades would be the best choice for a bedroom or media room, while a sustainable solar screen would be ideal for a living room or kitchen. Solar screens help you save energy by blocking out the sun which takes pressure off your HVAC system. Alternatively, in the winter time you can let the sun in to warm the home naturally and save on heating costs but still maintain privacy. By installing a double roller application, you can get the best of both fabrics—use one type in the summer and the other in the winter so that you save all year round!

Automation Matters

The beauty of these shades, besides the obvious aesthetics it brings to a room, is the amount of control you have over them. Rather than fighting with pull chains to get the light levels right in your room, you can get the exact amount of natural light in the room with the press of a button. We can install a sleek wireless Pico device that can rest right on your coffee table, add a new Lutron keypad for your wall or integrate with any previously installed Lutron devices.

And if that's not enough, we can automate your shades to detect levels of natural light entering the window and adjust it automatically without needing to touch a button. Trying to keep your home cool in the summertime? The Lutron Radio Window Sensor can sense the amount of light entering the home during the hottest point of the day and automatically lower the shades to keep the heat out. Trying to naturally warm your home in the winter? That same sensor can detect a sunny day in December and open your shades automatically to allow the sun to warm your house naturally.

We hope this blog was informative for you on choosing the right shades for your home. To schedule a motorized shade installation, fill out this online form!


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