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Build Beautiful Rhode Island Homes by Partnering with a Smart Home Installation Professional


Why Builders, Architects and Interior Designers Need an Integrator by Their Side


When you are building a brand new home, whether it’s in Newport, Rhode Island or anywhere in New England, you have an opportunity to install smart home capabilities that future homeowners will value. The future is here; people want the most advanced technology in their homes from 4K TVs to multi-room audio and surveillance cameras. But when you start new construction, do you consider hiring an integrator and audio/video installer to ensure the right wiring is there? Here are some reasons why working with a smart home installer is a smart idea. 


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1. You can satisfy all of the homeowner’s needs and requirements

Couples usually get hung up on the fancy fixtures, like the kitchen cabinets, wood flooring, and spa-like ensuite bathrooms. But do you ask them if they want a custom home theater? Or do you mention installing a whole house audio system? Families love music and movies, but they may not consider investing in a smart control system until it’s too late. When you introduce this technology to them early on, you can make sure all of the technical components are there before they even move in. Spots for in-ceiling speakers can be laid out, and isolated rooms for dedicated home theaters can be built. Establishing these architectural plans and informing the contractor early on means you’ll have satisfied, happy clients in the end.

2. Earn respect with the national builders association community

The more beautiful homes you build that wow the community, the more work you’ll receive. The Rhode Island Builders Association values the highest standards of professionalism, technology, and products. Integrating technology into the house is a large part of designing and constructing a quality infrastructure. TVs, surveillance cameras, and speakers won’t just be placed in the rooms, they will be a part of the architecture of the house, making it look seamless, simple and modern. The less wires or clunky technology you show the better, and only the “AV guy” in the neighborhood knows how to install it right and still make it look stylish. C&T Systems can even make the technology completely invisible with motorized lifts, mirror TVs, and in-wall speakers so that anyone who walks in will be impressed.

3. Projects go faster

Dozens of edits and changes on plans mean that the project won’t get done on time. Deadlines are crucial in this industry and it’s important to stay on schedule when you are working with so many different experts at their craft, like interior designers, architects, and contractors. An integrator can insert the location of all the AV hookups, wires, electrical outlets, and more in the plans so that you have a detailed plan early on. You’ll know how big the fridge is, where it goes in the kitchen, and that the touchscreen control panel goes on the wall right next to it. Adding in-ceiling speakers, home theaters, and more later on in the project slows everyone down. Trust us, it will all go faster with a smart home installer by your side.

Would you like to build the best, most beautiful homes in Newport, Rhode Island and need a smart home installer to help you provide quality home technology? Simply fill out this online form to partner with us!

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