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5 Different Ways to Control Your Smart Home


Manage Your Danbury Home Your Way with Customized Controls

 A smart home installation is all about control, but it’s also about versatility. Not only do your options expand, but you also get to decide how you connect to all of your electronic devices. We are seeing technology change and develop at a rapid pace, but the goal is still the same – to satisfy the user. Because ultimately, if you can’t figure out how to control something, it’s useless. C&T Systems designs and installs your smart home to be easy to use and seamless so that everything works together quickly and smoothly. In this blog, we are going to highlight the newest and most popular ways to control your smart home. So whether you live in Danbury, CT or Hartford, we can customize your home to your exact preferences.


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Keypads: While apps are quite popular today for controlling everything from your alarm system to the coffee maker, it is convenient to keep buttons on the wall for quick access. Yet, a lot of interior designers don’t like having multiple buttons on the wall because it creates “wall clutter.” We fix this issue by installing custom keypads that list actions and scenes. For example, you could list, “All On,” “All Off,” “Recess,” “Sconces,” “Good Morning” and “Goodnight” on the keypad in your kitchen. And, each keypad could be different in every room to meet distinct needs. Imagine walking out the door in the morning for work and simply pressing “All Off.” The best part about the keypads is that you never have to guess which switch does what; they are all labeled with custom engraving. And, if you are still concerned about the way it looks, we have multiple colors and finishes available to match your wall and home décor accents.

Mobile App: Having control keypads in your home is a must-have for quick and easy access while you’re hanging around the house, but mobile apps take your control system a step further and let you access your smart home devices from any location in the world. With a strong home network, an automation system installed and a smart home app on your phone, you can turn off any light in the house, arm the security, and turn the TV on or off, all from a remote location. Download the mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, or even your smart watch to manage the features of your home anytime, anywhere.

Savant Remote: Savant developed a handy, universal remote for those who don’t want to get rid of this older, but still classic, device. Even though you could keep an iPad in the living room to select your TV shows or dim the lights, it is nice to have a lightweight remote at your fingertips to do the job. However, this model is no typical remote. Not only can it control all the features in your home like the lights, HVAC, and security system, but you can also pick your favorite channels and save them under a personal user profile.

Voice Control: Voice control is one of the newest technologies you can use to perform tasks at home. Amazon’s personal voice control assistant “Alexa” is a software that runs on Echo that lets you turn on lights, music, the air conditioning or heat and more with your voice. Walk into your home and say, “Alexa, turn the lights on,” she’ll confirm “OK,” and your home will brighten instantly. Alexa works with many different devices, so that you can do a variety of other tasks as well.

Timeclocks: Timeclocks give you a completely hands-off approach to managing your home. You don’t have to press or say anything. Your home is on a schedule that you determine, and it follows it every day until you change the program. All you have to do is go into your Savant App, use the “My Scenes” feature and create scenes you want to regularly use, like “Wake Up,” and “Goodnight.” Then pick the time you want those scenes to run. For example, have all your lights and favorite music playlist turn on every day at 6 a.m. to wake you up. You can also time individual features, like closing the shades at noon when the sun is brightest.

The best part about working with C&T Systems is that we can customize your smart home exactly as you like. Pick from this list of controls, and we’ll install it for you. We know that every family has different needs, so whether you want custom keypads in every room, or just want to use the app on your mobile devices, we can tailor your smart home system to match your lifestyle.

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