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How to Take Your Lighting to a New Level


Lutron Lighting Features You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

A Lutron lighting installation is about so much more than just being able to dim a room or turn off all the lights in one touch, it’s about creating an experience unique to your home and your needs.  There are many features you may not even know about that we offer. Perhaps you are a techie who wants to know about the newest smart home gadgets, or maybe you simply want to know all about what your lighting system can do to get the most out of your investment. In either case, this blog will be helpful. Here’s how you can take the lighting in your New Canaan, CT home to the next level with automation technology.


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Custom Controls

Lutron has set the standard for simplicity and style when it comes to lighting controls. The best part is you get to determine how you want to control your lighting. Their most recent addition is the GRAFIK T, a simple, slender LED strip you touch to brighten or dim the room. The strip lights up as you turn lights on, and it darkens as you turn them off. This is definitely an upgrade from the classic nobs they invented almost 50 years ago.

Keep it simple, sleek and straightforward with Grafik T dimmers and switches, or compliment these devices with Palladiom keypads. Not only are Palladiom keypads some of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing keypads on the market, they’re also highly customizable with backlit labels, colors and multiple finishes, such as matte, metal and glass. Common scenes are “welcome,” “away,” and “all on” or “all off.” However, the sky is the limit when it comes to lighting control as we can design a system as unique as your home.


Even though geo-fencing has been around for some time, it’s only now becoming a trend in home automation. Geo-fencing is a technology that allows you to create an invisible perimeter around your home to start and stop smart home sequences. These tasks are triggered by moving inside or outside a predetermined area using a mobile device as a tracker. By connecting your lighting system to your smartphone, you can set your home’s lights to turn off as soon as you drive away in the morning to work, and then turn them back on again as you pull up to the driveway. Geo-fencing definitely takes the work out of managing your home’s lighting, and it can also contribute to more energy savings.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Since we are the premier lighting experts in your area, there’s nothing we can’t do in your home. As licensed electricians, we aren’t bound to set standards for your home lighting. We can design virtually anything, and that includes colored lighting. Colored lights are often used to highlight your landscaping, like a garden, fountain, or pool. They can also be used inside to set the mood for parties and festive occasions or holidays. Lights can make a big difference in your decorating, so let us know if you want to add this feature.

If you would like to use any of these features, contact us online!

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