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Adding Audio Accessories for Your Whole House Music System


How to Enhance Your Avon, CT Home with Extra Features

Once you have a whole house music system in place, there are still ways you can improve your listening experience.

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The position of your speakers, the controls you use, and the acoustics of the room all matter. Here are some audio accessories and enhancements our team can do to make your entertainment experience at home in Connecticut even better.


Specialized AV Furniture

Salamander Designs makes products that are specifically engineered for professional whole house music systems and audiophiles. Their chameleon collection features sophisticated design that will enhance any style of décor. It includes both contemporary and traditional furniture to pair with your AV technology. Even if you don’t see something you like, we can help customize a piece for you. Add wheels to your entertainment center, or integrate speakers in the cabinet itself, and organize your DVD and CD collection. If you need seating for your room, Salamander has those as well. They even have ottomans that convert into theater seats so your media room can be multifunctional.

iPad Accessories

When you have a smart home system, your mobile devices become even more important. They allow you to access the features of your house, like the thermostat, locks, security, lights and of course your music. With a system like Savant, all you have to do is pull up an app on your iPad or smartphone and select the playlist you’d like to listen to. Salamander helps make protecting and accessing your devices easier with accessories. Their iPad saddle is a bean bag mount that attaches to your tablet. The real leather bag conforms to any surface to cushion the support of the device. It also gives you optimal viewing and access.

Room Acoustics

If your room tends to echo, we can help with that as well. We can install acoustic panels to absorb the sound, and do sound proofing as well so your neighbors can’t hear your music or movie playing. Our team can also arrange your room so that it’s configured correctly for surround sound, 2-channel listening, or simply rocking out to your favorite songs.

For more audio accessories, give us a call or contact us online. We’d love to put the finishing touches on your sound system at home.


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