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Extend the Reach of Your Home Network


Ensure Your Home Network Setup Works Properly

Your home network setup can make or break your home automation technology; it’s the system through which your devices communicate and function. Having a solid and reliable home network in your Guilford, CT home is essential to ensuring your smart technology works properly.

There are many aspects to home network setups: hardware, bandwidth, speed, and reach. Understanding all of these components can be overwhelming, so in this blog, we will focus on the reach aspect. More specifically, we will provide an overview of when and why you should consider wireless access points to extend your network’s signal. What exactly does that mean? Read on to find out!


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Home Network: The Basics

Let’s start with a run-through of what a home network is and why it’s important.

You already use a network when you’re browsing the web through an internet service provider (as opposed to cellular data). In fact, you’re probably using your network to read this blog. The network is the means through which your device (like your phone, television, or computer) gets access to the internet.

You probably have a lot of wireless smart products that access the internet to work: your TV when streaming movies or shows from services like Netflix, your phone or audio system when accessing streaming services like Spotify, and even your phone when controlling your smart shades, lights and other products.

The hardware that makes this possible is your router.

So, what happens when your large property has devices in all corners — maybe even outdoors — and your router’s connection doesn’t reach far enough?

Enter wireless access points.

Access Points: Expand Coverage

Your network must not only be stable, but it must also have a far enough reach because your technology might be spread far apart. A sufficient reach is essential for a connected home.

Wireless access points (AP) extend the signal so that all the devices you’ve invested in will work properly.

Let’s say your router is on one end of the house near the front, but you have a screen and speakers outside in the backyard. APs will double the coverage of your home network setup to ensure that those devices still have access to the network.

Access points must be connected to your main wireless router to work; our professional team of network installers will work to ensure this is done properly. The access point is not a separate router, but simply extends the reach of your existing router.

We will configure your network settings to best suit your home’s technology and then set up the access points. We work with trusted companies Ruckus and Luxul to make this possible.

Wireless APs are essential for large properties that have products spread apart far from the router. Installation will ensure that your smart products work when you want them to.

Interested in installing wireless access points in your home to extend coverage? Reach out to us here or give us a call at (860) 875-2876.

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