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Incorporate Technology From the Design Stage of Your Projects


Here’s How Architects Can Plan for Home Automation Systems

Do you have clients looking to incorporate smart technology into their home build? With the rise of home automation systems, a new generation of homebuyers is looking to create a smart home they can customize and trust. When drawing up your Newport, RI house design, consider partnering directly with a home automation dealer for seamless integration of smart home technology in your plans.

In this blog, we will look at why architects and builders should consider partnering with smart home technology dealers and why ELAN’s New Home Program is a good avenue to take.


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Eliminate the Guesswork

You may be confident when it comes to most home design plans, but are you prepared to incorporate a home automation system? This entails the hardware, the wiring and technology for the installation and understanding how it all works within the home’s layout and design. What if the homebuyer wants a feature that needs special designing around it to work?

When you work with a professional technology dealer, you save yourself the hours and energy you’d otherwise spend on researching the technology and how to implement it properly. Through ELAN’s program, architects and builders can easily partner with dealers who know the technology inside and out and can offer unique insight. We are happy to be one of those ELAN-partnered dealers.

By partnering with a dealer like us, you remove the guesswork entirely and allow a professional to guide the smart home technology aspect while you take that information and work your magic in the design plans.

As an ELAN partner, we’ll then create a control system interface for the homebuyer to eventually use once the house is built, allowing for personalized and easy-to-use control.

Stay On Schedule

Incorporating a smart home automation system into design plans adds extra layers of planning — it means finding the right products, understanding the install process, encountering unexpected issues, and learning how the whole system install interacts with the rest of your design.

If you try to go at it alone, you’re looking at a lot of extra time spent that could push the project behind. On top of that, what if more issues arise, continuing the delay?

Partnering directly with a dealer eliminates not only the time you’d spend figuring out how to make the system integration a success, but also the time spent resolving issues.

A dealer can not only help to solve any setbacks that arise in the design but will likely prevent them from occurring in the first place by offering their support and experienced insight.

With a trusted partner, you can confidently deliver the smart home your client wants on time.

Ready to learn more about integrating smart home technology into your design plans? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (860) 875-2876.

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