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Make Life Easier With Remote Reboot


Learn How OvrC, Panamax Keep This Function as Simple and Intuitive as Possible

We recently worked with a customer in the Stonington, CT area who had all the latest smart home technology but kept running into a deceptively simple problem that many smart home owners don’t even think about until their smart tech is all set up: What do you do when these devices go offline?

Every now and then, even the best technology can fail and need a little help getting back into working order. For example, a router might need to be rebooted after a storm, or your cable box or streaming player might malfunction and need a reboot—even your smart cameras or music players might run into trouble that a simple reboot would fix.

But for our client in Stonington and others all across Connecticut, it’s often the case that after they’ve worked with us, they have all their tech hidden away elegantly in the basement or a closet, which means everything is usually packed in and hard to access for the average customer.

There’s an easier way—remote control of your devices with great products from OvrC and Panamax.


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Remote Reboot and Surge Protection Add Security (While Making Your Life Easier)

Nothing makes a smart home function like a well-oiled machine quite like a strong network, but that’s only the beginning of making your smart home work for you—and keeping it from becoming a new homeownership pain.

Getting that network set up is our job—and we take that job seriously, starting with your initial consultation—but once your network is running smoothly, you need to have the ability to monitor your network and easily fix those little issues (like a malfunctioning router) without having to make a phone call or a trek down to the basement.

With solutions like OvrC’s remote access system and app, you’re able to quickly and easily reset any connected devices with only the touch of a screen.

Imagine how much easier life will be if you’re out of town when the Wi-Fi goes out and your significant other or teenagers aren’t sure how to reset the router. Rather than having to walk them through the process of manually resetting, you can take care of it from your app in your hotel room.

Another great option comes from Panamax, a leader in the electronic protection space. All our Connecticut customers are deeply interested in protecting their investments, so we like to recommend Panamax surge protectors that also come equipped with remote reboot capabilities.

Let’s Get You Protected Now

At C&T Systems, we pride ourselves on crafting the perfect solution from our customers, top to bottom, and providing white-glove installation service to ensure your high expectations are met.

Learn more about our customized process here.

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