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3 Ways Lutron Window Treatments Can Improve Your Business


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If you’re considering improving your business, window treatments may not be at the top of your to-do list. Unfortunately, that is the situation for many business owners in Rhode Island, and it’s an often-overlooked consideration that needs more attention in the modern workplace.

An upgrade of your business’s window treatments not only has the potential of making your establishment look smart and sophisticated, but it helps you save on commercial energy costs while also improving your employees’ workday.

Keep reading to learn three ways one of our favorite brands, Lutron, offers innovative commercial window treatments that will improve your Newport-area business.


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Enhance Energy Savings

Instead of fighting the sun, why not utilize it to the best of your ability? Motorized window treatments allow you to work with nature to save on energy costs. In cold winter months, why not program shading to raise at the sunniest times of the day so that warming, natural sunlight can enter the windows of your business?

These window treatments can integrate with your building’s HVAC and be informed by in-room temperature sensors, so there’s less need for the heater to run during the sunniest parts of the day. The opposite is true in warm summer months, and motorized shades can automatically lower during the brightest parts of the day, signaling your building’s HVAC not to run the AC. Lutron window treatments come in a variety of fabrics that can filter or completely block sunlight and insulate your office space from solar heat gain.

Reliable Performance

In addition to increased energy costs, motorized window treatments can bring improved efficiency to your business. Instead of employees walking through the office at sunny parts of the day, lowering each shade individually to make their workspace more comfortable, employees can simply press a button on an in-wall keypad or conference table touch screen to adjust the shading as they need.

With Lutron’s Hyperion solar-adaptive shading, there’s no need for button pressing, either! Radio window sensors constantly communicate measured daylight to the motorized blinds, raising shades to let in more light or lowering shades to block direct and reflected sunlight.

Fabric Selection

Selecting the best fabric for your business’s commercial window treatments is imperative. Not only do quality fabrics make your business look great, but your employees’ visual comfort is important as well. Lutron’s commercial shading fabrics are THEIA compliant.

THEIA compliance is a manufacturing specification for solar screen fabrics’ openness factor and visible light transmittance. THEIA compliant fabrics control glare while allowing daylight into a workspace and preserving outdoor views. Not only do employees benefit from this, but so do your energy savings.

If you’re looking for an upgrade that makes your Rhode Island office look great, your employees work better, and saves you money, consider Lutron window treatments. Call us today at (860) 875-2876 or fill out our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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