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How Sonnen Energy Storage Makes Your Smart Home Smarter


Optimize Your Energy Use for a More Efficient, Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Climate change, savings and greater reliability are just some of the reasons people are reimagining their relationships with energy. Home automation systems are increasingly taking this into account, not only when it comes to your family’s lifestyle but also to protect your valuable equipment.

For energy storage and management, sonnen is the go-to partner for smart home professionals. Automate your energy use according to your specific priorities while integrating everything seamlessly with your control system of choice.

Learn about sonnen’s products and features and find out why this technology is so vital for homes in West Hartford, CT, and throughout New England.


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How it Works

Sonnen’s EcoLinx is the only energy storage solution specifically geared for home automation systems. Here is how it works: DC power is converted to AC energy and sent to your breaker box to power your home. Any excess electricity gets turned back to DC and stored within battery modules. Energy meters show you where electricity is being used while feeding excess power back into the electrical grid. Reach back into this grid whenever you need to power your home.

For greater efficiency, EcoLinx communicates with your automation system to find the ideal way to manage your energy without disrupting any of your smart technology features. The ecoLinx uses a second protected breaker box to distribute power to critical devices in case of an outage.

Why it Matters

How can these energy storage solutions affect your everyday life? EcoLinx integrates energy automation to ensure you're using energy efficiently and to prepare you for any situation. Here are some of the most significant benefits you can expect for your home automation system:

Weather Forecasting: Any time there is severe weather approaching, sonnen helps your home prepare for it. During the run-up to the forecasted event, sonnen will automatically charge your battery, so you have as much backup power reserve as possible. Be prepared by powering smart features vital to your preparation, including your thermostat, shades and security.

Backup Power: Go seamlessly from grid power to backup power within milliseconds during an outage. Optimize your energy use by choosing which devices to power during the outage. Through your home automation system, see where energy is being used and make any adjustments as needed based on your family's needs.

Energy Management: There are a lot of additional benefits to managing your energy more intelligently every day. The most important has to do with energy demand. Electricity costs more when used during peak hours—like in the afternoon. Harvest energy during off-peak hours and use stored energy during peak hours, reducing significantly the amount of money you pay for energy each month.

Solar Energy: Make the move to solar energy more efficiently by pairing your solar panels with sonnen. Enjoy solar energy at all times by harvesting clean energy during the day and using it at a later time. Take part in demand response programs that help you reduce carbon emissions by sharing clean energy with the grid when you're not using it.

Home energy storage systems from sonnen let you create a safer environment for your family and technology. Let us show you the best way to integrate their batteries into your property. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out our contact form to set up a meeting.

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