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Personalized Smart Home Control, By ELAN


The Best Home Automation Features by ELAN

C&T Systems is a proud partner of ELAN because it offers simple and intuitive home automation to families who need more control in their lives. There are many smart home brands available in the Newport, RI area, but how do you know you are buying the best of the best? In this blog we are going to explain why we recommend ELAN and how it can change your lifestyle for the better. 


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Intuitive One-touch Convenience

The entire line of ELAN’s control products have a sleek and elegant user interface. They have a handy remote where you can control the lighting, HVAC, audio and video in your home. Or, we could install a touch panel in the wall for quick access to your favorite smart home scenes. The ELAN mobile app offers robust control so you can do a variety of tasks while miles away from your home. 

Award-winning Voice Control

The ELAN system seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s line of voice control products, including the Echo, Dot, and Tap. You can say, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” and instantly the room will brighten. You can create sequences through the ELAN app and then recall them with a voice command too. For example, if you have a party coming up, create a music playlist, pick a lighting setting, and any other functions you want to start. Name it, “Friday Party” and then when you are ready to use it say, “Alexa, turn on Friday Party.” 

Home Entertainment

ELAN makes it easy to change the music station or TV channel. Not only will your options grow, but you’ll also get to enjoy audio and video in every room of your home. You might be catching up on the latest season of The Walking Dead in a home theater while the rest of the family is listening to music in the living room. Each member of the family can select his or her own music source or TV program. Whether you have 3 bedrooms or more than 10, we can connect all of the audio video together so you can access every one with one convenient device. 

Security and Safety

With the touch of one button, ELAN will turn off the lights, lock all the doors, and activate the alarm system. Since you will have remote access, you can disarm the security system at any time using the app whether you are a block down the street or miles away. Our security and safety systems also include emergency response, so if there is a fire for example, your smart home will turn off all the fans to stop it from spreading and alert you and the local fire department. 

Do any of these features interest you? We have even more great smart home components to show you. Contact us by sending us a message online.

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