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3 Lighting Control Tips for Your Connecticut Outdoor Spaces


Enjoy Nature in the Evening with These Smart Lighting Solutions


The summer is finally here and it’s time to enjoy the fantastic weather while it lasts. On our blog we’ve covered the amazing benefits of Lutron lighting control around your Stonington, CT home. But what about your backyard? Relaxing out back on the porch or taking an evening dip in the hot tub requires good lighting, so why not automate your landscape? You’ll be able to enjoy the evening night sky and the summer breeze with easy-to-use lighting controls at your side. Keep reading this blog to learn more.



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Take a Dip at Night

It’s never too late to take a swim when you have a house pool. The benefit is that you won't be exposed to those harmful UV rays and can still get in some exercise. Our control systems can connect to your pool lights so that you can take a swim any time of the night and still be safe. If you have a hot tub, we can integrate a smart system with it as well so you can get some needed relaxation time, or entertain friends. A good idea is to place path lights leading up to the hot tub or pool so no one trips and can easily navigate their way form the house to the water. For a fully relaxing experience, add an outdoor audio system so you can listen to music. Additionally, integrate your pool's temperature controls so you can cool it if the water is too warm or heat it as the fall breeze approaches.

Accent Your Garden

Do you have a green thumb? A rose garden, lush pathway or fountain are perfect places to bring attention to with lighting. Some examples of accent lights would include colored lights that highlight sculptures or plants, decorative fixtures that hang over a table, barbecue pit or bar, and hanging lights that give a romantic ambiance to your backyard. Soft white bulbs add beautiful and romantic ambiance for various occasions. You could even make your home feel like a luxury resort by placing lights in and around the pool, ponds, and even in the trees. C&T Systems has colored lights too so you can add style to your plants—like a cool blue or a bright green.

Take Control of Your Backyard

Whether you just heard a noise outside and want to see if anyone is there, or you are having a party out back, we can put lighting controls in your hands so that it's easy to set the scene. Press one button and it's party time, push another one on your smartphone or tablet and it's time for a midnight star-gazing session. For example, create a smart scene called “Hot Tub” and when you activate it, the lights in the hot tub turn on, the audio system plays jazz music, and the lights in the rose garden light up too so you can gaze at your work. For everyday use, timers can help make ending the evening go smoothly so that all of the accent lights shut off, but the floodlights stay on. We'll help provide a layout and landscape lighting system that makes sense for your specific outdoor environment.

What is your favorite nighttime activity? Whether it’s taking a midnight swim, relaxing in the hot tub, or entertaining friends in your garden you’ll need landscape lighting to brighten your backyard. Contact us to get started. 


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