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7 Ways to Have Fun with Your Smart Home


Get the Most Out Of Your Connecticut Smart Home with These Tips


The holiday season is here! It’s time for fall gatherings and fun quality time with family and friends. October through December is one of the most memorable times of the year since you get to enjoy traditions, adorn the house with your favorite decorations, and plan special occasions. In this blog, we’ll give you some ideas on how to have fun with your smart home. And if you have been thinking about having an AV expert install smart home automation in your Farmington, Connecticut home for the first time, we hope this list will give you some inspiration for good things to come.


1. Use smart, color light bulbs to add seasonal flair

Phillips has a line of smart light bulbs called HUE than can emit all the colors of the rainbow and tie into your control system.  So not only will you save money with lighting control, but you’ll have fun too picking different shades for a party or just some casual fun with friends. Pick a spooky blue for a Halloween display, and then red and green for Christmas.

2. Put a TV in an old fireplace

If you have an older home with a dead fireplace, or simply don’t use it due to the convenience of central heating, we could install a TV in its place. You’ll save space and give your home a unique look.

       3. Plan parties with Savant scene settings

Having a pumpkin carving party, and want the home to look and feel just right? With Savant, you can save settings ahead of time and name it, like “Pumpkin Party”, so that when the day comes all you have to do is hit one button for the seasonal playlist to come on, the lights to dim, and the shades to come down.

4. Create multiple music playlists and stream a different one each day

When you have whole house music, you can play different songs in each area of the house, or play the same playlist everywhere. And with smart controls, you can even time the music to come on every day. Play smooth jazz on Monday, rock n roll on Saturday and then a radio talk show on a Sunday afternoon.

5. Use intercom and smart locks to welcome in guests

If you’re having friends over for a movie night, use the intercom to see who is at the door and then open it with smart locks via your smartphone or tablet. Get notified whenever a guest arrives by sounding a loud bell or chime through the wireless speakers.

6. Project a video display on a feature wall

Music, lights, and props can all make your lawn look amazing for the holidays, but how about projecting a movie or video clips on a feature wall to add some pizazz. For Halloween, play a creepy scene from Psycho, and then in December stream a holiday favorite like Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

7. Keep an eye on your property and visitors via phone alerts

It’s important to keep your home and family safe at all times of the year. Using surveillance cameras and mobile alerts, get text messages when cameras sense movement in the backyard, or when you have trick or treaters come to the front door.

Would you like us to implement some of these ideas into your smart home? If you need an update or new install, simply fill out this online form and let us know how we can get you ready for the holiday season, as well as every time of year using home technology


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