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What Security Cameras Are the Best Fit for Your Hartford Home?


C&T Systems Works With You to Create the Right Surveillance Solution

Security cameras are becoming increasingly effective and affordable, and many see them as essential to ensure a safe home. Motion detection capabilities and HD quality video have made them the best way to stay informed about what is going on at home. Whether it’s a one-time purchase like a baby cam or a fully integrated surveillance CCTV system, it’s important that you choose the right camera to get the most out of your investment. We partner with the top player in surveillance technology, IC Realtime, to find the perfect fit for your family in Hartford, Connecticut.


Get the Full Picture with a 360 Degree Camera

Whether you only want to add one camera or have us install a full surveillance system, you can’t go wrong with IC Realtime’s ICIP-360L12 Camera. This revolutionary camera offers 360 degrees of HD coverage, both horizontally and vertically, so you’re left with no blind spots in your coverage. With its sleek design, you get an immersive viewing experience with minimal effect on your decor.

Expand the Reach of Your Surveillance Cameras

If you want a more comprehensive surveillance system, wireless and outdoor cameras give you the freedom to reach every corner of your home. For a flexible solution, you can go with the wireless ICIP BW2 10 model which gives you coverage without the need for an extensive installation. Since wireless cameras can be placed away from energy outputs, they give you further reach and can be placed in areas where intruders would not expect them. For a more traditional approach to your outside spaces, you can go with the PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) series which is primed to withstand outdoor weather conditions and various types of lighting. With up to 36x zoom capabilities, you can hone in on suspicious activity and help identify any potential intruders.

Get Smart with Motion Sensors Linked to Your Cameras

One of the best ways to get the most out of your surveillance cameras is to hook up your IP Cameras with motion sensor technology. Let C&T Systems take care of the installation while you sit back and enjoy the perks. You can save energy and data space with cameras that only activate when sensing movement. This keeps you from filling up valuable memory storage with footage of empty spaces. Motion sensors also serve an active role in your security. Cameras can move and zoom according to the movement sensed in a room. Receive alerts on your smartphone with accompanying footage so you know who entered your home or a specific area immediately.

With a high-tech surveillance CCTV installation, you’ll know what’s going on in your house at all times. Contact C&T Systems for the perfect solution to fit your space.



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